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Hi all, I was using this drive in a computer and it seemed incredibly slow, after checking RAM and CPU I tested the drive in my spare computer using Crystal Disk. As you can see from the results it is looking dodgy, I'm just wondering if there's anyway to save this drive or should I just bin it?

I'm using WD's Data Lifeguard to do an extended test on it now, but it's going to take ages and I want to know if its worth the hours of testing?

Thanks all.
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  1. Well the test finished and it attempted to fix bad sectors and then failed. Some one else told me that I should just RMA the drive in hope for a new one.

    /thread I guess.
  2. If it's a new drive I think you should return it. The "Current Pending Sector Count" shows that you have almost 200 unreadable sectors - they contain data you wrote but which the drive can't read back again. That's not acceptable for a new drive, IMHO.

    If it's an older drive, then you have a choice to make. The fact that some sectors went bad is a sign that more trouble might be on the way. The safest bet would be to move everything to a new drive - but you could also keep using the drive and monitor the "Current Pending Sector Count". If it doesn't increase then it's possible there was just one bad spot on the drive and, aside from the data you've already lost, it will be OK.

    It's really a matter of how important the data is vs. how much you're willing to spend to keep it safe.
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