I started to OC my i7 920 and even at 3.0Ghz it hits 87C at full load

I started to OC my i7 920 and even at 3.0Ghz it hits 87C at full load. Basically because I'm really close to finishing my i7 2600k Sandy Bridge based build I decided I wanted to finally see how much I could OC my i7 920 using the stock cooler/heatsink. The case I have is a Cooler-master HAF932 ... So I was figuring I could probably get away with 3.0Ghz without really having to push anything because in the past I had OC'd my CPU and hadn't really had any issues with the CPU overheating but back when I first built my system I just used the ASrock OC tuner program that came with my MOBO and I never really payed attention to the temps since I never did anything above 3.0Ghz but now that I was wanting to see how much I could get away with I wanted to at least be somewhat smart about it and actually monitor the temps so I could turn the OC down if I noticed it running warm. Anyways though in the past when I ran at 3.0Ghz I never ran into any issues with stability so I'm wondering if the temps that (Real Temp) are showing me could be off somehow? Because from a lot of reading I've been doing pretty much everything seems to say fairly clearly that running at 87-89C isn't good.

The way I OC'd my pc was simply by turning up BLCK I didn't touch anything else is this what is causing the issue?
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  1. OK, this is my 632nd time stating this, you raise the Bclk and leave your voltages on AUTO and they will be raised automatically by the Bios.

    Manually set your voltages and you should be OK, if it's still higher than it should be re-seat your heatsink or better yet get a decent cooler.
  2. I will change this and post back after I push it to load again either way thank you for taking the time to post.
  3. If you are trying to overclock with a stock cooler you will get high temps. What you need is a good aftermarket cooler. The max temp for the chip I believe is 72c although that is for an I5-750. If you are just going to stick with a stock cooler, then you need to remain at stock speeds or you will limit the lifespan of your cpu.
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