AMD Clawhammer 3700+

I have a question regarding the Clawhammer 3700+, I have recently been handed a "ABS 258ka5" laptop fitted with a clawhammer 3700+ processor, I understand that it is supposed to run at 800Mhz and step up to 2400Mhz on-demand, but the processor is recognised as 800Mhz according to my Win XP SP3 X86,

Is there any way of proving that the processor can and will step up to 2400Mhz? How can I do this? Is there a Bios update for this motherboard (as I can't find one) - I have a feeling that this may help as there are no settings in my current Bios to alter the way the processor is recognised.

This information I have been able to gather regarding the bios...

An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:

- ---- ------ ------
| | | |
| | | Chipset/BIOS Info
| | BIOS Build Date
| Manufacturer ID
BIOS ROM Information

BIOS Build Date: Jul 15 2004

Motherboard Manufacturer Code: 0001Not listed in MAN.DAT file

AMIBIOS Build Tag: 258KA000

AMIBIOS Project ID: 258KA000 Not listed in TAG.DAT file

I do not believe that I have any SMBus drivers installed, but the laptop is not complaining about lacking them, although it has done once before and I was not able to find them.

Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks,

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  1. I believe AMD calls the setting (Cool and Quiet)

    Try turning that off and see were it idles at.

    Or you could have CPU-Z open when running Prime 95 and watch what the speed is doing.
  2. That is my favorite CPU name. "Clawhammer". Mine is just "i7". That sounds so lame next to "Clawhammer".
  3. hehe
  4. forget clawhammer, i want the name Sparta!!!!!!!

    sadly amd used it on their sempron LE1250........... (i would so just get it for kicks, but its deactivated on newegg and not available on others or too expensive for a keychain material rofl.
  5. THIS IS SPARTA... core Sempron :(
  6. exactly my train of though on that one, if they named the A64 Venice or sledge hammer that and 300 came out a few years early.....

    Damn that would be so effing cool with the Spartans marching against the monolithic army of Prescotts (or if intel named it something Persian, like say Persia or something then more lolz) and damn that be so kickass

    We fight in the (cool and quiet) shade!
  7. <notes the Spartans chose a natural 'bottleneck' in the terrain>

    <grin> Yes, the analogies could be endlessly amusing! <grin>
  8. omfg that brings in HyperTransport in roflmao, this is just going beyond of what I saw now,

    damn there needs to be a animated gif of this epic battle rofl.

    o god I'm rofling
  9. LE???

    On another note: AMDfangirl, how did you go from Ancient Poster to Apprentice? Do you go through Cosmetic Surgury??? ROFLALMAO :hello:
  10. New rankings...

  11. unclefester said:

    On another note: AMDfangirl, how did you go from Ancient Poster to Apprentice? Do you go through Cosmetic Surgury??? ROFLALMAO :hello:

    fixed lol
  12. haha, nice
  13. A few more years of computing and I figure out some of those tricks!
    Thanks, Holylancer
  14. lol np, just use the img tag instead of links and it should show up no problem.
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