Radeon 3450 or 4670 - XP versus Vista & HDMI output

Hello, I have tried to research this topic and am a bit lost and could really some fairly low tech help.

I just purchased a Dell 530 desktop with a fairly good processor Q8300 2.5GHz with 4MB memory that came with a 24" HD-1080p, LCD monitor with HDMI input. However, the intergrated graphics card is NOT HDMI compatiable and in fact doesn't have any memory. I'd like to upgrade this to a new internal card. I have seen much discussion on HDMI outputs versus DVI with adaptors. I didn't have the option to upgrade the card at the time of purchase, but see that Dell's recommended upgrades for this model are ATI Radeon 3450 256MB or ATI Radeon 4670 512MB. I don't do any gaming, but do some video editing and want to use the monitor as a TV and thought I should shop for the ATI Radeon 4670 512MB. When I started shopping I quickly found way too many brands and options. Also the better TV tuners want dual DVI inputs on the video card???? FYI - I have to continue using XP due to business reasons and it looks like Vista wont be on this computer for a very long time. Most the cards I looked at say the OS needs to be Vista. Is this true?

Wow with all that information, could anyone suggest a reliable brand and model that's in the $75-$100 range? Or is that too cheap for my needs? The computer has two PCI, one PCIe x1 and one PCIe x16 expansion slots
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  1. Here's a Radeon HD 4670 that is perfect for you: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102820

    HDMI built in and has dual DVI. $66.99 and with the mail in rebate it's $56.99
  2. Thanks so much! Too funny, that was exactly the last one I looked at and thought it was the best fit as well. Really appreciate your help.
  3. You're welcome :)

    When you get it download your drivers from here since the ones on the cd that come with it will be outdated: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=xp/radeonx-xp
  4. Thank you once again. It might be a while (2 weeks) before the computer arrives, but I'll go ahead and order the video card this coming week. I've never done an expansion slot install before, but have watched other do it. Does not appear too complicated? Screw driver and plug in new device. Do I/should I/can I remove the intergrated video card? Next question: I have a post in TV Tuners. What's the best TV Tuner PCI ore PCIex1 card with a remote that will work well with XP Pro, the above noted video card, basic cable without converter box and provide HD to the monitor from HD programing. Do you know this stuff???? It appears the TV Wonder by ATI would work best with the ATI Radeon card, but which one????
  5. Integrated graphics are soldered onto the motherboard so no removal to worry about. I have a Studio Desktop which uses a similar case and graphics card installation is easy and quick. Sorry can't help you with TV tuners there are plenty of other people with knowledge about them though :)
  6. Thanks again!
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