Will This Gaming Computer Rig Work?

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  1. been doing a alot of research and i decided to go with intel instead of amd becaude idk its more popular and every one says its better, so what you think of my build should i change any thing?
  2. It's good mostly, but you should consider a few changes.

    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: April '09 : March Review/April Updates
    SAPPHIRE 100270SR Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB
    Xigmatek Dark Knight Your cooler choice won't work.
    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal paste
  3. The cooler is not for a lga 1366.
    Look at the Xigmatek dark knight S1283V for $40.
    The 120mm fan should be quieter.

    Ram is ok, but here is a slightly lower price for patriot ddr3-1600:
    It works well in my system.

    Ditch the sound card. Onboard HD sound is very good, and with an i7, there is little cpu savings . Some cound cards have driver compatibility issues.
    You can always add one later. Use the savings elsewhere.

    Do you really need a case as large as the Antec 1200?
    Consider the 900-2.
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