Wireless network adapter for new build pc

I just built a pc and now I need a wireless adapter for it.This is my build so far:-

mobo - ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 AMD 785G

processor - AMD Phenom II 955

hard disk - samsung spinpoint f3

psu - OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W

can someone tell me what is the best wireless network adapter available at reasonable price?
what are the things that I have to look for when buying a wireless adapter?

how about this one?is it good enough?

Netgear WG311 PCI Wireless Network Adapter - 54Mbps, 802.11g

Netgear WPN311 PCI Wireless Adapter - 108Mbps, 802.11g, with RangeMax Technology
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  1. I think Rangemax only works better with compatible router.
  2. I have a standard Belkin G Plus MIMO router. what do you think is it compatible with the Rangemax?
  3. It will probably work (check with Netgear before spending) but you may not get any performance advantage compared to a (cheaper?) G adapter -- if only because the Mimo/Rangemax technologies may not be fully compatible.

    Probably better to stick to the same brand.
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