Using desktop as a desk top?

So, my computer case is pretty similar to this one:

Especially the pic glowing blue (as mine is also clear & glows blue).

Would it be possible to cut out the top of my desk and mount my tower sideways, then place my keyboard/mouse/speakers on it, and use my glowing case as a desk top? It's a pretty modest system, so it's not loud by any stretch, and I have all the knowledge needed to cut out the top, place it several inches lower, and secure the case on top (and cut holes out for any fans).

I know a couple felt pads will be good, so my keyboard doesn't scratch the case, and I could pad the side so it isn't sharp on the wrists, and my mousepad will keep wear off the case. My only real concern is airflow, since my case has 5 80mm fans, it stays *very* cool, and it blows in from the side (which will turn into the top) and out the back and the top (which will be sideways). Will this work alright? I know hot air flows up, but I think there's plenty of airflow to go around.

Any ideas or problems you see with this idea?
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  1. Do away with the case all together. Mod your desk to fit the components not the case. CHeck out mine here

    I have more pics coming tonight when I get home with my new camera.
  2. It would make more sense to have 120mm fans noise wise if they fit. You may wish something like a 120mm heatink + fan combo, a single 120mm case fan and the 120mm fan for the PSU. The case fan should be very low flow with CONSTANT air flow and the other two should be temperature controlled.

    I'm trying to picture what you want to do and I just don't get it. You may find that even a small amount of noise will be annoying when it's closer to you.

    If you want some fancy glowing desktop I'd just build that sans computer and put your computer in a spot to minimize noise. Whatever. It's your project.
  3. Much as I'd love to, xtc28, my desk is wooden, and I'm fairly poor (college student) so I couldn't buy a new glass desk. And my time with decent tools is short, as I move away from home in 2 more weeks, so I don't think I'd have time to do such major work.

    And to photon, 120mm fans don't fit, I'm stuck with just my glowy green 80mm's. But my CPU and GPU idle at under 30 degrees celcius, and don't get warm at load, either. And I want to look down under my hands/keyboard and see all my pc parts, I just think it'd look awesome.

    Tomorrow maybe I'll put my case/computer on my desk and see if it annoys me.

    One more question, is there any issue with having a DVD drive and/or HDD running sideways?
  4. Is there any reason to be sitting on top of your pc? just put it on the ground or where ever else.
  5. NAh I wasnt suggesting buying a new desk just that you build it into the desk WITHOUT the case.
  6. Coming from a poor college kids point of view (i just graduated) i would take your desk and rip the top off and mount your case under it some how and then get a piece of glass cut for it so you dont damage your case. Im gussing that the cut glass cant be that much money
  7. Hey Im a poor college As a matter of a fact I used some of my Financial aid to help build my desk.
  8. with every semester it gets better and better.
  9. I found a significant problem.... the case is wider than the distance between my knees and hands when I'm at my computer.... maybe I'll rip the top out of the desk, mount some glass, and mount everything in between there....
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