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I have been using this external hard drive for a couple of years now. It recently started slowing down in its performance and then now it just wont even turn on or get recognized when plugged in....i REALLY need to retrieve data from the hard drive. My personal opinion is that i dont think its fried. It just does not seem to getting powered or recognized. Please help me out i am in desperate need of retrieving my data i beg you! The following link shows what my hard drive looks like and hopefully it will give you a better an idea on how to trouble shoot that specific kind.
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  1. disassemble the exteranl drive and remove the HDD. Use a drive dock to connect it to another computer or just instal it as you would any other harddrive. They are not special HDD's in these external drives.
  2. Thanks for replying, can you please enlighten me on what a drive dock exactly is?
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