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Hey guys,

I'm really not sure what to do here and could use some help..

My question is: how does gaming on a pc going to a 720p 37lcd would look like compare to say, my xbox360 playing at 720p(which is really really really nice) I'm afraid since the resolution of 720p is so low that my game will look like crap if I run them from the pc to the tv, or is it going to be fairly close to what my xbox 360 is pulling on the tv? (I can't find a definite answer from google on this, some say, well 720p is not going to cut it to be enjoyable on 720p (but wow, my 360 play games and they are really sweet to look at to say the least).

Is the xbox optimized to play on 720p and that's why it looks good or should I expect the same from playing a game from pc to the exact same tv?

THANKS a bunch, i'm really looking forward for the replies.
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  1. most pc games are ported from the console code with few exceptions. this is th4e main reason the difference is not visable. the second is that the screen size isw too small to notice thuings like added AA and AF a pc can do. If you had a 50" 720p tv things would be difference.
  2. The xbox looks good from far away, but if you get up close and compare it to a PC, the PC will unquestionably be the winner in terms of looking good.
  3. thanks! good news. i was afraid games would look really crappy since res would be really lower than on pc monitor.. but since the xbox does so well in 720p, glad the pc will do the same too

    Thank you
  4. no doubt frozen, was just looking to see if (at the same distance) pc games would also look as good as xbox does it on a 720 screen.
    judging i usualy run my pc games at 1680x1050, i was just afraid "sending" them to the 720p tv (much lower res) would look awful compare to what im used to see with the xbox.
  5. I game with a Sony 32" HDTV and a PC via the VGA input. Res is 1360x768.

    The quality will depend on how good your PC is. A good PC will look significantly better than the XBox.

    You should also factor in not all games are playable at that distance.

    A lot of reviews for XBox -> PC ports comment on the tweaking done to improve the quality (for PC's that can handle it).

    MY PC is hooked up to my 19" CRT as well as my 32" HDTV. I'm 7 feet from my 32" HDTV so I play mostly games with my XBOX360 Wireless controller (for the PC).

    I'm going to go to the next-gen consoles in roughly 2011 and quit upgrading my pc. By then the console's will have full anti-aliasing, better graphics, more memory, physics etc. They should also install fully to a hard drive and use a keyboard and mouse. Why stay with a PC then?

    There's a lot of good info on the internet. You can read up say, on the PC version of Mass Effect or the difference between Bioshock or Oblivion between the PC and XBox 360.

    Gaming consoles do more with what they have though. If you want to play ported games I recommend this minimum:

    2GB RAM
    2GHz dual-core CPU

    This system kicks ass for cheap:
    4GB RAM
    X3 720 CPU
    2x HD4770 crossfire

    If I used my HDMI input I'd have to choose 480, 720 or 1080 (video settings). Since I don't have a 1080p HDTV I'd use 720p. That would play fine for most games but Windows would be blurry due to scaling issues (720 lines scaled to 768). My VGA input works great though so it's a non-issue.

    Love my CRT, still better than a LCD in many respects. I'm waiting for a 22" OLED.
  6. ^ I'm waiting on FED but I guess we can't have everything.

    differences between PC gaming and Console gaming on a 37" 1366x768 TV,

    AA will make the picture look worse on that big a tv using that low a resolution.
    without AA the PC gaming will look a bit better if you have it on max settings for that resolution.
    The console is constantly outputting 24fps whereas the PC might output more or less.
  7. HA HA HA....one big F$^&#$& word....UPSCALING!

    There is nooooo comparison going from console to pc on a tv if you are running the native resolution of the tv which mine was 1920/1080....and the pc still manages to look alot smoother and nicer at lower res such as 720p...

    I loaded up several titles to compare...cod 4 on my vga source to pc....on hdmi to ps3.....and guess who won....

    Tried the same with oblivion and gta iv....and cod 5...

    The same results....any console looks like ass on a tv compared to a nice pc...well atleast my 50" tvs...
  8. "AA will make the picture look worse on that big a tv using that low a resolution. "

    No. You are wrong.
    I have turned AA on in many, many games. I can see the jagged edges without AA on. It looks better at 2xAA and better again at 4xAA, above which I can't see much difference (do to my resolution likely).

    The only reason I would not have AA on is for performance.

    I'm surprised you would say that. I doubt you have actually tested this because it's really quite obvious.
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