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Okay I have an old budget cpu Intel C2D E4500 2.20Ghz/800(RatedFSB) and its been lyk 3yrs or so.Now I run this cpu in OC @ 2.84Ghz/11x(MUL)/258.4(BUS)/1033.4(RatedFSB).Now all I wanna knw is, will "enabling the intel speedstep technology from" affect my system stability or not in any manner?Oh and the voltage is 1.35V(bios)/1.325(software)

* The only reason I wanna enable the speedstep is to lower my system's power consumption.
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  1. Shouldnt do as i have speedstep enabled, you could just run a couple of tests with it on/off.
  2. oc more stable if speedstep (eist) disabled
  3. ok that means I shall not enable speedstep
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    i have it enabled on my Q6600 - i thinks its a load of BS, i have never seen any instability issues with it off OR on - i know with it on my room is cooler however :)
  5. ^1100Mhz OC nd you can still keep ur system stable with speedstep on,seems cool.So by how much did you increase the core voltage, nd wats the cooler in use.
  6. I had turned on the EIST and till now there's no ditch in stability at all so I guess its ok to OC with EIST enabled.
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