Does my motherboard need a -5v (obsolete) wire from my PSU?

Having bought & installed a new 700w PSU and having it do squat when the power button was finally pushed, I eventually found out that this PSU has no -5V wire in it, while my old one did. Googling revealed that the -5v wire is now obsolete, so I wondered if my M3N-HT needs this wire and if there is a workaround for it.
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  1. What power supply did you buy?
    Also How do you know it's obsolete?
  2. I didn't actually buy it, friend picked it up for me. anywho, a coolmax CL series 700w. obsolete? some crazed google searches and the lack of ANYTHING related to -5v psu wires. also how it is advertised as a 20/4 pin psu when it is missing a whole wire...
    thanks for the quick reply anyways.
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