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I recently built a pc from the ground up and had no issues, the mobo is a 870a fuzion by msi and i am using the 1090t black edition. i have been unable to run at 4.2 ghz, and have been completely stable at 3.9ghz. Today i tried again to get it to 4.2ghz and within 5 seconds of me starting my stability test the pc crashed ( has happened before) but now it wont even boot up. I did the ghetto psu test to see if my powersupply is working, and well it is not........ it is a OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply - 700-Watt only thing i did this time for the overclock that was different than anything i did before was raise the cpu voltage to 1.6v.

the pc started up and allowed me to start the stability test, then crashed. And now the psu is fried? i have never had this happen to me before and i was wondering if anyone else has heard or seen of this problem.
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  1. Where from you know this psu trouble ...?, check manual rail your psu use voltmeter and see in the box psu data if same don't worry abaouyt it , maybe other hardware not stable like ram
  2. Check temperature and check ram setting
  3. Sorry wrong push to many pm
  4. well i completely disconnected the psu from everything, removed from case and use the paperclip method to see if it would kick on. Now upon doing this the psu fires up. i plugged it back into everything and nothing kicked on. i removed all psu cable from everything and retried the paper clip method. Again it kicked on. This time i connected the cd rom, hard drive, case fans. Repeated the paper clip method and everything kicked on. i connected just the 24 pin connector to the motherboard and not the 8 pin 12v source for the cpu, it kicked on, i then shut it off. I connected the 8pin 12v source for the cpu and now the psu doesnt turn on.... Does this mean i fried my cpu lol.... What a stressfull day for me now.(edit after doing a little research, maybe my mobo is shot now....)

    i am slowly finding things out. i am about to search the forum to see if i fried my cpu or how to know if it is fried.
  5. Is fan I the cpu rolled, or stop. Why you don't test it manual use voltmeter ...? Check cables use voltmeter one by one speciffic in cable 12v. Note: psu dead is the light in mobo + fan etc not on!
  6. Everythig ok clear cmos , remove ac power from psu clear cmos it can make default
  7. i do not have a voltmeter thats why i dont test manually.

    this is my scenerio right at this moment, power supply is connected to cd rom, harddrive, case fans. If i plug in the 24pin connector to the motherboard i can get the system to start via the power button on front of the case. ( by start i mean the lights on mobo turn on, the gpu fan spins at 100% , but no video is going to the monitor. While its at this state the only way i can shut it down is to flip the switch on my psu. When i plug in the atx8 pin cpu 12v supply from the psu to the motherboard i can not get the board to turn on. (all the fans do spin like half a turn but nothing happens past that) This is where i am at right at this moment.
  8. You need clear cmos,
  9. and thats done by removing battery for awhile, or setting jumper to clear cmos correct, if so i have done this to the way i think i know how, i moved the jumper and even tried to turn it on and nothing has happend, unless you know of a different way that i do not. please tell
  10. Your MoBo Manual will instruct you on how to clear CMOS...if you don't have it, download it.
  11. i have done this, and today i will have a volt meter to test my psu. there is no scaring on the motherboard or the cpu, which leaves me to think its the psu. but the motherboard i have also has mixed reviews about overclocking on it and having simular problems to what i am having. If say the 8pin atx connector for my motherboard is fried or sumhow not working for some reason, I should be able to see a deffect correct? if Yes , well i see nothing at all. Hopefully its just the psu.
  12. Swapped psu like good idea
  13. powersupply shows 12.3 volts on all 12 volt outputs, and dead on the money volt readings for all 3.5 and 5v outputs. so the powersupply isnt bad. So now its down to the atx 8 pin connector on the motherboard. is there any way to tell if this is damaged when there is no visible damage there?
  14. Just see your question psu is fried! now fokus on ram....? Try your ram in other pc just check good or not , remember clear cmos, remove battery from mobo wait @minute take it back power on.
    I don,t know wich your harware damage u can check it one by one use other pc
  15. everything works, yes i tested.... w/o the atx 8pin connected to motherboard it will power, but no post. when i plug in the atx 8pin it will not powerup. u see the fans kick on for like 1/4 turns then its off. Like that 8pin connector is shorting out. now AGAIN there is no visible damage to the processor or the board. There is a lil something wierd near that socket on the mobo, but it does not look like mobo dmg.

    is there a problem with these connectors on boards sometimes?
  16. yes ... i wondering about nortbridge.
    all connect power from PSu to mobo 8pin,6pin,4pin ... like this :
  17. i apparently will get no help here. i have said everything has been checked , what i have not said is i have triple checked if not more everything in the pc. all devices work , everything is plugged the way it should. and the only problem i am having is when the 8pin 12v connecter is plugged into the cpu and i try to power up the cpu there is a short buzz coming from the 8pin connector / led area and it shuts off and will not power unless i remove that connector. It then powers but does not display anything as the cpu is not getting power. i am going to just order me another motherboard tommorow. Sorry for waisting your time
  18. no problem !
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