Additional 6GB RAM (total 12GB) causing BSOD


I built a system about 6 months ago, and it was completely stable with the following specs:

CPU: i7 930 (overclocked to 3.52)
Motherboard: GA-X58A-UD5 (rev. 2.0)
Cooling: Thermalright Venomous X - RT 120mm
RAM: 6GB Kingston HyperX 1600 (PC3 12800) (KHX1600C9D3K3)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate

CPU Vcore: 1.20625
QPI: 1.28
CPU PLL: 1.84
DRAM Voltage: 1.66
-everything else on Auto

Memory Mult: x10 @ 1600
Uncore Clock Ratio: x21
QPI Clock Ratio: Auto
-Using XMP Profile
Timings: 9-9-9-27

Despite the warnings I read about putting additional RAM in your system, I couldn't resist the low prices for an additional 6GB of the same model of RAM (all 6 dimm slots are now full). Also, to further justify it - I do regularly use memory intensive programs with large file sizes - photoshop, lightroom, flash, etc.

After installing the additional 6GB, I am getting frequent BSOD. Each BSOD error is slightly different but seem to be related to the memory in some way. I have increased the QPI voltage to 1.32, which seems to have made the BSOD much less frequent, but they do still occasionally occur (it'll go about a week between each crash). Also, I have run memtest86+ a few times overnight and got no errors after several passes.

I don't want to keep on increasing the QPI voltage through the roof without knowing what else I should be looking at. So my question is, knowing that my system was completely stable with the above settings w/ 6GB RAM and that the BSODs are 100% due to the extra RAM, what other settings should I be looking at to regain system stability? What settings should I look at first - does CPU vcore affect memory issues? Will loosening memory timings help, and if so, will it affect performance? I'm really hoping I can fix the problem with a few setting tweaks and not resort to ripping the extra RAM out of my system.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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  1. Oc better use dual ram iknow your mobo support triple, if u want stable oc use dual .
    For 6 stick just go default it better for game adobe rendering
  2. thanks for the reply - could you explain this a little further? How would I switch to dual channel with 6 sticks? It appears my mb automatically selects dual/triple channel based on how many sticks are installed and which DIMMs are filled. I do not see any options in my BIOS to manually select this. Am I reading this right?
  3. Dual chanel is 2 stick slot , remove other ram from slot , install ram dual chanel in same color. Slot
  4. I guess this would sort of defeat the purpose though, right? I had 6GB running stable in triple channel mode. My question is concerning the additional 6GB. I realize I can remove RAM and make it stable again, but my question is if there is anything I can do to make 12GB with all 6 dimm slots full run stable.
  5. Yes you can stable but no overclock , go bios load default save and boot, if you have software oc cpu uninstall it in safe mode
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    First make sure each 6GB kit can run fine on it's own, but I guess it's the first thing you tested. I would also try to relax the timing a bit too; when a kit is rated, it's rated for that kit alone, not two together and increasing voltage can't always compensate. I would first try 10-10-10-30 and then you can try others like 9-10-9-24.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I lowered the timings to 10-10-10-30 and seemed to help, but still got a few crashes here and there. My memory multiplier was x10 so I had my uncore frequency set at x21. I lowered this to x20 and I haven't had any crashes since.
  8. 6 stick of ram cannot use oc, this can run at by default. Lowered multiplier ram will drop of system by speed+performance.
  9. thanks but it appears Zenthar's answer combined with a little additional tinkering did the trick. I am running 6 sticks of ram AND oc stable now. I didn't lower the RAM multiplier, I just changed the uncore multiplier from x21 to x20. I have seen both suggested on many forums as being acceptable.
  10. Finally your can be usaed all in system unde ovrclock? It's good news . You must give best answer for @zentar.
  11. I am having the exact same problem. I tried lowering the uncore but then i couldn't boot. Right now I am using a GA-X58A-UD3R with 6 sticks of this which is rated at 1.5v running at 1.74v. Seems to be the only way I can keep my computer running for more than a couple hours. If I set the voltage to auto I can;t even get back into the bios without removing a couple sticks. I guess I don't mind running it at 1.74 but is that bad? I don't know much about overclocking or anything I just want my machine to be stable.
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