AMD 965E Black, CPU Voltage Setting and ASUS BIOS

Hey guys and gals. I have an AMD 965 Black Edition that is multiplied at 20.0 on an ASUS board (M4A88TD-M/USB 3), and it is giving me 4.0ghz. If I stress the computer much, it'll blue screen. I'm trying to slightly raise the voltage, and it isn't clear to me how this works on this particular motherboard's BIOS.

There are multiple CPU voltage settings. There's an option to "offset" or do it manually. There's a CPU voltage, CPU and NB voltage, etc. In the article posted at the top of the forum page for AMD Black Edition over clocking, it talks about simply setting the CPU voltage. I'm confused, and this is one area I don't want to mess up. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.
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  1. You need to intsall all the programs that came with your mobo cd. It has all the features needed to overclock without the complication of doing it in the BIOS or AMD overdrive. You can use simple overclock settings or manually set all the above setting in the AI suite. So If you are going to overclock that much you need a better cooler as the stock does not cut the mustart for very much overclocking. I am trying the NOCTUA|NH-D14 R when it gets in today as I have almost the same setup. With the stock cooler I got it to 3.75, but runs in the high 50 c under small loads and want to overclock to about 4.5Ghz whith the new cooler. Hope this helps some.
  2. Set the CPU voltage manually in the bios. I don't understand what you are having problems with. pjmoses you will be lucky to get 4.5GHz with water cooling. Alwaysa check stability and max temps with prime 95 or similar.
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