Setting SSD as boot and HD as main Drive

First time poster here but long time lurker.

I spent the weekend on a new build, my first ever, and thus far it has been great, well after the second try of installing everything! :D

My question is how to set my new SSD 40 gb drive, which currently has windows, drivers, and Anti virus software on it, to be used only for booting up and nothing else; and establish my HD as the main drive.

I did a bunch of research and I have seen various ways of doing such. One article posted on tom's forums suggests changing the location of my documents via a new destination ,

and then another article changes the destination of the program files using regedit.

Any thoughts on what the best way to make the HD used for all future programs and everything else?

Edit: Apparently I am having issues with learning URL entries! :pt1cable: Should be fixed. Nope its not....BAH sorry I will work on fixing them.
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    when installing programs you should get an option to install the program on the second drive (choose custom installation if given the choice)
  2. There seem to be many programs that just default to the C: Drive. I am looking to try not to have to choose a destination each time I install a program, rather just let the system default to the larger 1tb drive.

    Should have gotten a large SSD, but it wasn't in the budget.
  3. Sorry, there's no way I've found to set the default installation to the "D" drive. You often need to select "Custom Install" in order to get the option to browse to the "D" drive . . . often a matter of simply substituting "D" for "C".
  4. Would the use of Regedit do something like that?

    My issue seems to be that many files just default to C. Before I know it my C drive will be full leaving my larger HD on the empty side.

    Would using Windows 7 libraries work with that? Regedit?

    Thanks again.
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