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I have an Asus P7P55D-E PRO with built in RAID. I have 4 HDs in a RAID 10 array. A little while back I had a problem where various disks (aka, not always the same one) in the array were being marked as "failed", despite nothing being wrong with them - causing me to have to rebuild the array. This would happen about every two days on 3 occasions. Because of this, I updated my Windows 7 Intel RAID drivers to the latest version ( Since then, I have had no problems.

Since my upgrade to the new Intel Windows 7 drivers, the interface looks completely different. Under "Manage Volume" and then selecting "Advanced" there is an option to "Verify" the volume. According to the Intel website ( this identifies bad blocks.

Rather than me manually verifying the volume, shouldn't this occur on a constant basis such that when a hard disk goes back, it will automatically mark it as bad?
Does this mean I need to verify the RAID array on a regular basis to prevent losing data due to HD failure?

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    It is just like chkdsk - RAID 10 is good for databases. Any RAID level will not protect you from multiple disk failures. While one disk is off line for any reason, your disk array is not fully redundant. Therefore, it is a investment to have some backups - like tape backups are always recommended.
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