Computer crashes when running games. Over heating problem? PS problem?

Hi so first off Im brand new to the toms hardware forums though I've known of the site for awhile. Anyways hi everybody

Heres my problem:
My computer is not overclocked, i just figured that this issue would best suit this forum. If there is a tech support forum then I missed it and I blame it on my newbiness.

-Im running windows xp service pack 2 right now.
- AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core 6000+
- 4g ram
- Nvidia Gforce 8800 gt
- Antec 450 watt pwr supply

I can start up any game just fine get to the menu yada yada but as soon as I want it to load the actual game to play, my computer crashes completely - either shutting off or freezing the screen in a horrible pink and cutting off the sound. The only option when it does this is to turn it off. Some times it will not turn back on right away, and other times I will have to unplug it and leave it for a bit before i can turn it back on.

Now I've always laughed at people who do things like unplugging their computers to try and fix things but this seriously is getting crazy and it is the only way I can get it to turn back on.

Ive naturally thought that something was over heating and found that ( through using core temp and gpu-z)

cpu idles at: 64c (both cores)
gpu idles at: 70c

So I freaked because thats really high for a gpu to be idleing at and figured my gpu was crashing my computer so as to not overheat. it also made sense because when I tried to play games it would put it over the edge but just doing simple things such as browsing the internet wouldnt. So I downloaded and used rivatuner to find that my gpus fan speed was runing at 25%, so I cranked it up to 100% and waited for the temperature to drop.

cpu idles at: 64c
gpu idles at: 57c

Now I thought this was a more normal temp and would fix my problem but apparently not. I have been able to play games for maybe a half hour at a time but they still crash and lately they wont let me play at all theyre doing the same thing they did before.

Im looking for ideas guys where I should turn to next. By the way I know for a fact that all newer graphics intensive games crash my computer, but I have been using oblivion max settings to test if my ideas work. It always crashes right after the opening video to the game.

Thanks in advance if you need any more info please ask and ill post it asap.
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  1. You might want to update to XP service pack 3 for starters.
  2. hi I'm having a problem with my dual computer it wont let me play the sims
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    I'm guessing this computer has several years of problem free operation under it's belt and is likely 3+ years old. At those CPU temperatures overheating could be the culprit. AMD has 3 different products that carry the 6000+ model number. Depending on which one you have your CPU idle temp is exceeding AMD's stated max temp.

    The GPU temepratures don't exactly strike me as in the danger zone. GPUs are usually remarkably resilient, but almost everyone tends to be more comfortable with lower operating temps.

    If that's the case just redoing the thermal past between your CPU and it's heatsink may get everything running smoothly again. I've found in instances where stock or OEM thermal paste is used it tends to cake out after about 3 years and system temps start climbing. Even more simply, have you dusted out the heatsinks recently? It might seem overly simple, but it can make a big difference.
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  5. UPDATE: Ive bought and applied new thermal paste to my cpu and it did alot in the way of lowering its temperature but im still experiencing issues: my cpu temp is currently 35 c
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