MSI G31M + Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Problems


I have a problem with my server.
I run Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V, but when I stand Execute Bit Support in the BIOS, it can find to go into place and reboot. When it starts up again, stopping it in BIOS and write the bug in overclocking.
Some who know what it could be?

The motherboard is an MSI G31M, with the latest BIOS update.

/ / Anders
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  1. Please explain the issue a bit more clearly, it is hard to understand exactly what your question or problem is. Provide some detail as well as system specs.

    However, off the top of my head, i imagine that the issue is the fact that Windows Server 2008 is probably not certified to run on the G31 chipset. The G31 chipset is a low-end integrated graphics desktop solution, not a robust server solution. Also, if you are overclocking, well that just throws a whole different set of possibilities into the mix.
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