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I'm running my computer without a case at the moment, case should be here on December. However, The power button on the MB stopped working a couple of days ago, MB gets power, Buttons LED's turn on but, when pressing the button nothing happens, when the issue first started I could press the button maybe a couple of times and it worked, now it just wont come on. Today I had to use the power pins on the MB to get it to work, by using a metal object making the Ground and Power pin to make contact (correct me if I'm wrong here, I don't want to fry my PC). Dont know if its related, but a couple of months ago I started having another problem with the computer, whenever I turn the system off, a couple of seconds after the CPU fan stops, it restarts by itself. I probably brought this on my self for running the system without a case. But I haven't been able to find a solution for both problems. for the restart problem, I already tried everything, checked the settings in the OS, the computer is not going to sleep, the restart options for errors and waking the computer are disabled in both OS and Bios. Having a quick talk with an Engineer from my university he suggested that a short-circuit might have done this. Any thoughts, or suggestions? [Hardware on System: MB Asus P5Q-E/Intel Q6600/Super Talent 2Gb x2/Dual ATI Saphire 3870/PS: Corsair 750w/Windows 7 Ultimate.]
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  1. its just power button problem, nothing to do with your motherboard obviously we cant realy help because we dont have pictures or can touch and inspect ourselves, it is a plastic issue, either one of the wires in the button is lose or it broke in the inside causing it not to go all the way down, and it gets jammed thats why it restarts your system

    power buttons are pain to get replacement for the case, seeing that you're getting a new case in december it will solve your problem, its not recommende to use metal peace everytime to power on the board.
  2. This may help you with your switch issues: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6273/ele-302/Prewired_Bulgin_Vandal_Momentary_Power_Switch_w_LED.html?tl=g44
    when in doubt check out frozencpu. I'd also recommend a cheap rosewill case to get it in a case at least (as it will help with the grounding issues)

  3. Thanks guys [pcfixed-IH8U] The only solution, that came to my mind was either to get a temp case or a cheap temp I/O panel while I get the new case, as you suggested, Because I freaked big time when the system wouldn't turn on...I troubleshot the whole thing to figure out what was going on...I'm getting a Thermaltake VA8003BWS, any suggestions on that one, because the specs sound quite alright to me for this type of system, plenty of space, nice air flow, decent cable managing and upgrade friendly. What do you think?
  4. I hate the goofy tiny doors on the sides of the front. Personaly I'd go with an Antec 900/902. Or the Coolermaster HAF (or stacker). If you have the cash on hand though, you can't go wrong with Lian-Li cases either.
  5. Hi, I was going through some old stuff and found and old AT case, from a Compaq Presario 5423 (came with windows 98 so you can get an idea of how old that thing is, I actually bought it on 1998) So...I was wondering, could I use that old I/O panel on my system to power it on ? Connector seems to fit the pins from power and led's, there is no Reset button though...if it works this will just be a temp fix for 2 days max, because I'm getting the new panel on that time, problem is that I cant afford to leave the computer off for this time because I use it for work. Could this actually work and give me a temp fix, or am I just risking to burn this thing down ?

    Well lets forget about that, did some research and it looks like it wont work after all, I'm just getting the new I/O tomorrow morning...should have it by noon if everything goes according to plan.
    I'll give you guys an update as soon as I get it up and running after testing if the computer keeps restarting.

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