Best CPU for the price ??

I looked around and AMD Phenom II X3 710 $99 seems to be the best price with good performance. Any agree ? Or there's other processor better than this and cheaper in therm of performance/price?
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  1. That's a good choice for tri-core at a budget price. Just remember if you're buying at newegg to look at different combo deals. If you were thinking about getting an Asus AM3 790GX motherboard to go with the CPU then this combo deal takes $80 off the price of the CPU making the PhenomIIx4 945 the same price as the 710

    Always check combo deals at newegg, they are your friend. Just be aware they are transitory and can be discontinued or changed with no notice.
  2. That motherboard is very expensive, I don't think it will be worth it.

    I am checking if this motherboard is alright, I don't need 2 graphic cards.

    A lot cheaper I think. Idk :(
  3. Here is this combo deal on a Phenom II X3 710 and motherboard.
    It uses the 770 chipset and is cheaper.Also it's a new MSI motherboard and seems to be liked (Not very many reviews because it's so new).
    $10 off with a $15 mail in rebate.

    Here is the same motherboard in a combo deal with the faster quad core 3.0 Ghz Phenom II X4 945 which is about $25 more than the X3 710 with this motherboard.
    So it's $65 off with a $15 mail in rebate
  4. Wow, how do u get that combo, the first one. I went to X3 710 page but I don't see MSi motherboard as a combo. Hmm.. is there a trick for it ?
  5. wow, the second one is even better!
  6. ahhh too bad they r using DDR3, I only have DDR2 at the moment.
  7. No trick at all.All you have to do is go to the newegg page about each CPU and select view all combo deals.
    If you already have spare DDR2 memory and intend to use it,it does change the equation.There is a slight performance penalty for using the slower DDR 2 RAM perhaps by about 5% less performance (It varies according to which type so it can be higher or lower).There was also a good combo deal with that same motherboard and the fastest Quad Core Phenom II 955 CPU too.
    I got the 955 with another motherboard (790FX based one) though in a combo deal although that MSI board is perfect for a one graphics card solution.
    Here is the page with just the Phenom II X3 710 CPU combo deals.

    Here are the ones with the Phenom II X4 945

    On these combo deals make absolutely certain that the CPU is supported by the motherboard as sometimes newegg might make a mistake and sell a motherboard with a CPU not supported.Myself I tend to prefer the ASUS,Gigabyte or MSI motherboards as they have good support and BIOS updates for new CPU's or fixes.
  8. I'd also add Asrock to that list, i've been very happy with the last 4 Asrock boards i've used. I've also had good luck with Biostar. I would avoid the JetWays. If your budget was about $180 for CPU and motherboard. Then these combo deals with the PhenomII x4 945 would come close, one at $194 and one at $204.
  9. Awww... I hesitate and the combo is now gone :(
  10. They often discontinue deals at the end of the month and sometimes take a week or more before new deals pop up. Keep an eye open and keep checking, if you register on newegg they have special deals for those on their e-mail list. (of course they're often deals for stuff you don't want)
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