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Recently my friend and I both bought a new 24' TN LCD monitor. I obviously have no problems since I upgraded my computer as well. However my friend is still using a Pentium 4, BFG GeForce 7600 GT which I gave him, and Windows XP SP3. Normal internet surfing and videos are working fine for him. He plays MMOs and FPS games, he told me his gaming gets really choppy sometimes when he changes angles, gives him headaches?? His monitor is a TN panel with 5 ms response, with some input lag.

I am asking on his behalf since I know a bit more about computers than him. Is it his monitor with high input lag creating choppy effect or is it his graphic card not powerful enough to run on 24'? It's running at 1600x900 with the latest driver. We both don't know that much about computers, we just play games on it Sorry :na: It's really bugging him.

P.S. XBOX 1080p works fine when we play on it. He might get a Phenom II when he finds a job, if it is the graphic card problem, what ATI card would you recommend? If it is the monitor, I guess you get what you pay for.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. It shouldn't be the monitor. Run it at 1920x1200 btw (or 1920x1080 if it's a 16:9). LCDs don't look very good outside of their native res. It's probably the computer lagging.

    As for a good graphics card? An HD4850 would work great. The Pentium 4 is probably holding him back some as well.
  2. If the 24" is a widescreen, use one of the lower native resolutions. 1600 X900 sounds like it's a problem for the monitor to use that resolution.

    Which CPU and motherboard is he using? If the motherboard supports overclocking, you could increase the FSB and be able to push the 7600 GT videocard a little harder whch might help to improve your framerates.

    The 7600 GT is too slow for the newer 3D games unless you play on a 17" monitor and even then on only low graphic settings. If your PSU is 450 and above, you can try a 9600 GT vidoecard.
  3. The main problem that I can think of is that he's using an Pentium 4.

    And since it's a Pentium 4 there's a good chance it's still using an AGP slot.

    So in that case we have two options :

    1)But the AGP version of the Radeon 3850. But it's kinda old tech now and is now pretty expensive.

    2)Buy a new processor, but when you buy a new processor there will be more expenses, as that new processor will probably use a new motherboard, which will probably use the PCI-E slot. And then you'd probably need new RAM as well.

    So choose your poison.
  4. :heink:

    Oh look a pretty monitor we can game on.....might need a pretty video card to go along with it :ange:
  5. I'd start off with a new motherboard and processor and then move onto a new graphics card. These expenses might not be fun, but that does not mean that you have to break the bank. Perhaps you want to start looking for a sufficient motherboard, a cheap AMD X2 and then consider something like an HD 4670 or HD 4770...

    Keep in mind that your case and power supply might affect the above referenced parts.
  6. Hey,

    Thanks for the replies, I was thinking the same thing it was his either his video card or cpu holding it back because no way a TN monitor can be that choppy. And yes the monitor native res is 1920x1200 which is really nice, both of us came from 17' LCD with even slower response time we are still not used to the widescreen and 1920x1200 things are small lol

    In addition, he does plan on getting a new computer soon. Phenom is really cheap compared to i7 right now considering we both just blew our money on 24' monitors. I went over and I tried it myself, it did give me headaches as well when he changes angles or moves too fast, monitor can't keep up with the movements, gets choppy.

    Anyway, is the HD 4850 good enough for a 24' & Phenom II Deneb because he doesn't plan to upgrade his computer anymore after this next purchase. He wants to get the most of out it and the best card for his computer, enough for FPS, MMO, D2, SC2, etc. Crossfire or single GPU?

    Thanks again,
  7. No actually a 4850 would be cutting it close...he should look at a gtx 260/two ati 4770's/ati 4870

    Find the cheapest price on em...that really is the cheapest for that resolution...you should probably be spending around 300$ or a bit more to get good performance @ 1920x1200.....take it offensively if you want but that was a very very pointless and not thought out upgrade unless you are extensively using them as tvs or with an xbox etc...

    Money could have been better spent on a 22"range monitor and a gtx 260/ 4770's or a 4870....

    best of luck getting by on buying the cheapest parts come upgrade time :sweat:
  8. Hey,

    We both did our research, trust me it wasn't a very very pointless thought out upgrade ;) He watches a lot of TV with TV tuner, DVDs, with his gf and does play a lot on his XBOX 1080p and our friends also bring other consoles over, if anything PC gaming is the least he does. That's why he didn't upgrade his computer yet and upgrading it last. We're still in school, and paying for tuition sucks! We spend our money really carefully especially during a recession & its unemployment rate. We both bought 24' because it was on a blowout sale really cheap, only 1 dead pixel ;)

    Anyway, yes we were looking up graphic cards as well, I suggested crossfire 4770, considering its price and its performance, but I wasn't too sure about single GPU like 4870, 4890 overkill? or should he crossfire 4770. Anyway, he said it can wait, probably until 5000 series comes out the prices should drop even more. He games mostly on the 24' with his XBOX 24/7 anyway.

    Thanks again,
  9. Thats good to know.....alot of people jump head first into things and are like what il need that too :sweat:

    Sounds like you got a sweet deal on those monitors :P its probably a good idea if he just waits it out and see whats coming to the market...i don't believe 4770's would be enough...even if you crossfire two cards the memory is still only 512mb...so a card like the 4890 would be perfect after a nice little price drop...

    I'm currently waiting on a 4ghz phenom to drop into my lap....
  10. A 4850 will be fine for a 24" monitor. It will run most games on max / high settings, just with lowered aa/af in some titles, but it really won't take that much away from him. I would get the 4770 and overclock it since its cheaper and has the potential for overclocking better then a 4850. A 4850 beats my current card (8800gts 512mb), and I'm playing recent games on my 26" screen (1920x1200): GTA IV, Far cry 2, Call of duty world at war, fall out 3, they all still look amazing on my card at max-high settings.

    If he can afford a 4870 / 4890 then yeah he should get that.
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