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I have a real problem. I updated the driver for graphics card ATI and when it did not solve my issue I then updated the driver for the plug and play monitor. Now I am getting input error no signal detected after the Windows XP screen loads. It just floats in a box around the blackened out screen. What can I do to fix
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  1. When you first turn on the computer, poke often (not hold) the F8 key until a screen shows up for you to choose how to start the computer. Using the cursor keys, select "Start in Safe Mode" and then press the enter key.

    It may show your XP install next as the system to run, press enter again.

    Eventually, after all the letters and numbers finish scrolling down the screen, it will ask if you want to perform a System Rollback using System Restore, or continue to Safe Mode. Choose to do the system restore.

    A calendar will appear with some dates in bold. Choose a recent date before you messed up your computer.

    It will restore your machine and restart in a minute or 2. Things should work well then.
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