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Hello everybody!

I have new cooler whit a 4pin fan.
My question is that i dont know how to change the speed from my cpu fan. It is always at 1400rpm and i dont know how to put it higher!
Iv tried the following options:

1 - Asus P5q-pro Bios Update

2 - In Bios put Q-Control to enable and put the Turbo option (Nothing happend)

3 - In al Suite Fan Speed control (Nothing happend)

4 - In SpeedFan program (It is at 100% in 1400rpm)

Can somebody help me?

Thanks from Portugal.
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  1. hi man i had the same problem

    you just need to go to your BIOS>pc health , you will see there

    cpu fan control just disable it

    just disabled mine the same way in gigabyte MOBO

    it was 1670~ RPM after disable it went 2100~

    but i didnt notice any difrence in heat or working of CPU
  2. use software HW monitor Pro : http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor-pro.html
    you can see speed your fan
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