Can't Install Win 7 on OC

I overclocked my Q9550 from 2.83 to 3.80 @1.25 volts. I ran memtest 4.1 ( Test 1 to 5), they all passed without any errors (As per memtest guide, tests 1-4 are to test stability of CPU and Voltage). My Rams are on default config, except my motherboard underclocks them to 1591 instead of 1600, due to 1790 FSB of the CPU. For the life of me I can't understand why I am not able to understand whenever I try to install Win 7 x64, It hangs on starting 'Windows Screen'. Please help me guys.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you install Windows on this machine ?( i mean you didnt install it on the HDD on another machine and placed in on this one). If you didnt, install it on this PC because if you install it on another one you wont install the proper drivers. Ive seen a similar problem and that was the reason Windows hanged on loading screen.
  2. I installed it on Win on the overclocked PC itself (NOT on the HDD in another machine and placed in on this one).
  3. Are you installing from an IDE Optical drive? If you are then this is most likely the problem. Use another PC to create a bootable USB of Win7. Instructions are easy to find on Google.
  4. I use a SATA optical drive in my overclocked PC
  5. Don't overclock and try again. Make sure the memory voltage is set correctly. Is this a new build?
  6. This isnt a new build. the whole point of the post is that i wanted to install in 7 x64 on my now overclocked PC, which otherwise, works fine on stock settings (Win 7 x64)
  7. Also, my rams, corsair dominators, are on stoc settings( cas, voltage , timing) except the frequency which my motherboard MSI P7n2 (790i Ultra Sli) automatically underclocks from 1600 to 1590
  8. It might be your overclock causing the problem. Set it back to your stock clock speed install win 7x64 then after you get windows running fine go back into your bios and overclock it..
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