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I ran OCCT on high data transfers and standard test for 4 hours. (recommended) I am running an AMD Athlon II X3 440 with 1.5v on VCore @ 3,529Mhz. How long do you think that my CPU will last? I know that upping thing voltage can make your CPU life decrees. I assume that my CPU will run until it is considered old for gaming. How long do you think it will last?
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  1. What were the test results ? Temps good ? Voltages stable ?
  2. I ran OCCT 4 hours with max data transfers and standard stress. (4 hours recommended) 1.5V on Vcore (recommended .85-1.425v) temps maxed @ 51C on each core. CPU can take 73C and be okay is hat AMD tells me. I also told the computer to shut down @ 65C and it never shut down. End test reports that most the time the VCore was @ 1.46-1.48v and it said no errors. I ran it @ 3529Mhz, standard = 3000Mhz
  3. I think the cpu will be useless before it dies on you. That is not pushing it that hard.

    Did you need that much voltage? My X4 955BE goes 3.7 on stock voltage.

    Either way those temps(i am guessing HWMon to check temps?) are good and the voltage does not seem extreme to me(about 5% over the standard 1.4).
  4. Well, I think I might be able to get like 3.6Ghz out of it with 1.5v. AMD said that .85-1.425v was safe. So you guys think that with 1.5v @ 3.5Ghz will last me like 3 years. After all, I am only a kid and can't just buy all the hardware I want. Man, I wish that was the case.
  5. I would think you will get 3 years, but i will have to see what others say. I generally overclock within stock voltage now days since cpus are so overclockable.

    I pushed some high voltage over Athlon XP's back on the day and it lived fine.
  6. Okay, if you think I will get 3 years I will do it. BTW, I like your nuke Mac symbol. I freakin' hate Mac/Apple! I think my NB was set to about 1880Mhz, RAM about 784Mhz, CPU to 3529Mhz, volts 1.5v. Anything I am doing wrong? Also RAM volts were 2.1.
  7. I did a edit so I know that it does not send the massage to your e-mail. I just wanted to make sure that my question above was answered.
  8. Your settings should be ok. I do recommend an extended test for your cpu and memory with something like prime95. This just gives you extra peace of mind about system stability.

    What cooler are you running?
  9. Well, OCCT tested memory, CPU, and mainboard with large data transfers. I also tested my RAM @ 880Mhz with memtest86+ and it was stable. I am running the sock cooler end get 51.5C max temp.
  10. Thats actually good for stock cooling.
  11. Haha, yeah, I know, plus it is a very, very crappy case.
  12. It probably won't kill the CPU, but I keep within (or at least near) stock voltages too. It needs 1.5V to do 3.6GHz?
  13. Well, it was stable with 1.5v and 3529Mhz. I think I could get 3.6Ghz though. How do I check my hypertransport. I heard that I should not go over 2000Mhz on it. In CPU-Z it sais that my HT link = whatever my FSB is. Is that true?
  14. When I ran OCCT it told me that my VCore was @ 1.4xx most of the time i think even though I set the core to 1.5v. Does that mean that it just didn't need the 1.5v all the time?
  15. The accuracy of the sensor may be at question. So even if its 1.5 the sensor may show 1.47.

    Vcore can just around a bit as well. It will be lower at idle and raise during load. On the Intel side there is quite a drop at heavy load some times.

    For HT

    In your bios there should be a multiplier to let you drop it if its too high.
  16. Is my hyperlink my NB? I think the rule for my CPU is no more than 2Ghz HT.
  17. i edited above, see where it is in cpu-z?
    had to fire up my amd system to get you the screen shot.
  18. It tells me my HT link speed is 235Mhz. That is also my FSB. Does it multiply x10? I heard that I should not go over 2Ghz HT on my CPU. Is that true? If that is the case, I am way over.
  19. I didn't see it in my BIOS. Is it this? K8 <-> NB HT Speed or this K8<-> NB HT Width?
  20. How do I take a screen shot also?
  21. you take a screen with the print screen button on the keyboard. then you can paste it into paint or another program to save it and upload it to or

    If your HT is 235 it looks like your HT multi may be 1x but that seems unlikely(performance would suck). I would guess your NB is your HT for that system.

    What board you running?
  22. I said I found it, but I guess I didn't I edited over my message.
  23. I did put it to x1. Is that bad? I am running a Biostar Mcp6p M2+ v. 6.2
  24. I set my HT link to x5. It was @ x1. I didn't set it to auto because I heard that it was bad for my CPU. I heard that for my CPU 2GHz is max, which means to overclocking. So now my HT link is 1176.3Mhz. Is that good?
  25. From your manual

    K8<->NB HT Speed
    This item allows you to select the K8<->NB HT Speed.
    The Choices: Auto (default), 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x.

    You can try higher. a max of 5 seems low, but i have not used that board.


    Just set my HT to 1x and the system no longer boots. Hmm, how did you manage that trick...
  26. Is it bad if I go higher than 2000Mhz HT link?
  27. your board does not support more then 2000 so yeah don't go over. i am willing to bet you are at 1880.

    Also looking at your board, you do not have a massive power system on it(3 phases only). so don't get too pushy with the overclocking or it may be the board that gives out before the cpu does.
  28. Okay, wait a minute. Is my motherboard safe with 1.5Vcore, 3529Mhz, and not sure which my HT is. NB frequency = 1882Mhz, HT link = 1176.3. I do not know what 3 phases means. Does that mean my motherboard is in danger? Please explain. So is my HT link 1176.3 or 1882? If my motherboard is in danger, I think I will back off on OCing. BIG QUESTION: IS MY MOBO SAFE?!
  29. nukemaster said:
    From your manual

    K8<->NB HT Speed
    This item allows you to select the K8<->NB HT Speed.
    The Choices: Auto (default), 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x.

    You can try higher. a max of 5 seems low, but i have not used that board.


    Just set my HT to 1x and the system no longer boots. Hmm, how did you manage that trick...

    I don't know. I just set it to x1. :lol: I don't even know what it does. Haha. I just know how to Overclock, I don't know to much about HT, NB, etc.
  30. you can try it at 2 and see if your ht speed in cpu-z jumps to 470. If it does that is in fact your ht speed.

    Before you do this, make sure you have all your settings down in case it does not work and you have to reset the cmos.

    As i said, I ran 1x with a fsb of 200, but with 235 it does not post. Think I may have pushed the memory to much(it has a high multi to begin with).

    Since my cpu is a BE i was just bumping the multi on the cpu to overclock. Its fool proof and has almost no risk.
  31. Haha, already set my HT link to x5. it says it is running @ 1176.3Mhz. Is my MoBo is danger? Is the higher the HT link the better? Do i have to re-stress test it with my HT link higher?
  32. I think it should be ok. Your NB frequency is still 1880?

    A retest never hurts.

    Damn when I reset my bios I dropped the jumper into the power supply.damn. ohh well will fix it later....calling it a night. happy overclocking....
  33. NB = 1880Mhz. Well, if It is still the same stable with my HT x5, then I do not think I will do another test. Do you think I need another test? Nothing is different besides the setting in the BIOS and the reading on CPU-Z. Everything else looks normal. Plus, I don't want to kill the poor chip.
  34. Your call, if you see strange things then you will want to check it out.

    If you are worried, you can always drop it to 4x and put it under 1000(940) without any noticeable performance hit. I would hate to add too much stress to the system.
  35. Well, performance was good with 1x HT link. I can't see a difference in performance actually. I know you went to bed, so you are probably not reading this, but I never got an answer for if you think my mobo is safe and how the HT link effects performance.
  36. It's impossible to know exactly what might happen if you push the overclock too much. The components will most likely be safe, but running the voltages out of spec, well, you never know what might happen. It will most likely just become unstable if the voltages affect anything, then you will have to lower the clock speed somewhat, but the processor should live.

    HT link speed only affects the performance between the processor and other components in the computer, such as graphics cards, hard drives, cd drives, etc. I believe the HT link speed is also the interconnect between processors on the die, and an increase in the HT speed causes some performance increase. It's not much though, I saw an article awhile ago that was about a 50% increase in HT clock(2000mhz to 3000mhz) was a 10% increase in performance.
  37. If my RAM is @ 800Mhz and my HT link is @ 235, would I see a performance increase @ 940 HT link?
  38. The memory controller being in the cpu should not be unaffected by HT.

    Do you game, you can run a benchmark and see how it is at 235 and then again at 940 to see how much difference there is(that may be the most stressing thing you do?). There are many factors.

    Think of HT as said above as the link(think highway, if you do not have allot of traffic 2 lanes are fine) from cpu to almost everything else in the system. It is the path from the cpu to your nvidia chipset. so in effect everything you do runs through it at some point.

    My reason for saying drop to 4x was because your board would only normally do 1000 wince 200 x 5 was the stock speed.
  39. HostileDonut said:
    If my RAM is @ 800Mhz and my HT link is @ 235, would I see a performance increase @ 940 HT link?

    HT link and Ram are two totally different controllers on that CPU, so it shouldn't affect performance there.

    The Ht link just needs enough bandwidth to deal with all of the information coming from graphics cards or hard drives(for the most part). At 200mhz, that would be about 1.6GB/s, which would seem like you would see a noticeable difference if you played a game with a high end video card, but you shouldn't notice it when just loading into windows(hard drives only do about 125MB/s maximum right now)

    I would make the HT link speed as close to 1000 as possible, but you might as well not go over since it doesn't affect performance once you have enough bandwidth for everything.
  40. I ran a stress test with x4 HT link = 941Mhz. Max temp = 47.5C. It said that the voltage was normally around 1.46~1.48 but was sometimes @ 1.52 even though I set it to 1.5v. I guess it just didn't need that much juice. Anyway, I got it stable @ 3.529Ghz. (3529Mhz) HAHAHHAH! I laugh at someone who said that no one should help me OC because I was too "cheap" to buy a new cooler. Well, money doesn't grow on trees. Thanks for putting up with all my non-sense.
  41. Wait, one more question, what are the power phases on the mobo? You said I had three.
  42. Power phases are the system that turns the 12 volts from the power supply into the 1.48(its a simplified explanation, but thats about it) your cpu is running on. Running more of them paralleled allows for more stable voltage as well as less stress on each phase(think of teamwork).

    I am not saying you need more then 3, just saying that as the clock speed and voltage is increases the power draw is increased and if you push it too hard you can burn out that part of the board.

    Here are some pictures of the damage that can happen. Note this is not the same as your system and you will not burn it at 1.4 volts.,2436-15.html

    With all overclocking there is some risk, this is why finding the lowest voltage you are stable at is best as it reduces overall stress.
  43. Well, thank you for helping me ad putting up with all my newb-ish overclocking questions. :) I get an average of about 50FPS in COD BL now. When I raises the HT link speed to 940, I got about 7 extra average FPS. :D BTW, did you have any luck getter out your pliers and re-setting the CMOS?
  44. Never even got to it. I did reset it, but never did get that jumper back. Its all covered in plastic, it will not hurt anything, but i will get to it...
  45. Well, good luck! ;)
  46. HostileDonut said:
    Well, good luck! ;)

    just going to tip the psu over and cross my fingers, i got small claw thing that will help me get it.
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