New builder confused about the RAM

Hey all, great site you have here...

I have a question concerning RAM

Current build
Intel i7 2.66
MSI X58 Platinum SLI
EVGA NVidia GTX 260 core 216
500 g 7200 RPM HD SATA
DVD/CD burner SATA
RaidMax Scorpio 868 case
500w OCZ PSU
Was going with 6g (3x2g) of tri-channel RAM but the board supports 1333/1600(oc)

Now, I have read alot of people asking about this, but either the puncuation was so bad I couldn't understand what they were talking about, or they were talking about things that I really wasn't interested in.
What I need to know is, since Micro Center is the ONLY place I can drive to, and I will need to get it through there, and they only carry the 1600 flavors. Now, will this RAM work in my system, or do I NEED to oc? I am not really interested in losing a bit of the capacity yet, as I just need it to fire up on next Friday.

Thanks for looking
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  1. It should run fine. As long as the voltage doesn't exceed 1.65V.

    All DDR2 and DDR3 RAM can be run at lower clocks.
  2. Are you talking about the rating on the RAM or how much actual power it is drawing?

    Sorry for the noob questions :)

    Just been out of the loop for so long I have to relearn everything it seems :)
  3. Let's look at some:

    Here we have 6GB of Corsair rated at 1600Mhz with timings of 8-8-8-24. It's rated to draw 1.65V at those settings. This is fully compatible with an i7 920. That's what your system should supply, 1.65V
    Note the cost as well. Don't let Microcenter overcharge you, prices on DDR3 have plummeted.

    Remember, the memory controller is ON THE CPU now, not the motherboard like it used to be. Your board should not have a problem with whatever RAM you choose, as long as the BIOS is ready for it.

    There are (or were) a few RAM kits out there that have higher voltages. These are out of spec and might damage the CPU, if they work at all.

    I would expect a quality Corsair kit like that one to boot right up on your CPU/MB.
  4. The RAM may be seriously overpriced at a walk-in store.

    Do they support the Warranty locally or do you need to deal with the manufacturer direct anyway for returns (RMA).

    I'd definitely shop online.

    Here's a link to your boards site just to support the officially supported memory:

    How about this for $115 USD?

    Same RAM, newegg link and note you can get for $82 after rebate!!
  5. Awesome

    Ya, I was looking at shopping in the store out of ease, and like I said, I really want it running on Friday. Have to talk to the wife about ordering this, as I will have to dip into her money until I get paid. LOL

    With the possibility of ordering online, would it be beter to look at the 1333 sticks for more compatability? I was only looking at the 1600 because that was all Micro Center carries in stock. Would I be able to squeeze more out of the 1600 RAM later down the road?

    Thanks for all your help!
  6. Ram is rated at it's maximum suported speed. It will run at several lower frequencies, and at a lower voltage of 1.5v. The value of 1600 ram comes into play if you will be overclocking. It is easy to do on an i7 Still, there seems to be little real benefit(vs. synthetic benchmark) to faster ram or better timings fir the i7.

    DDR3-1333 should work fine, but it is not much cheaper than 1600 these days.

    Do check out the online prices. newegg is a popular source for research and pricing. If you are really anxious, they can expedite delivery.
  7. Yep good advice.
  8. O.K.

    The wife put the Kibosh on dipping into her cash flow :( So it looks like I am stuck with whatever Micro Center wants to stiff me for, but, as long as she's happy, then we're all happy. Know what I mean? Anyway... I see only 2 choices at the store in stock...


    So, other then price, and the fact that the Corsair is ugly with those stickers on it (open sided case) is there a plus or minus to either?
    Both are at the 1.65v I am not supposed to go over.
    If you could choose, which one would you go with and why?

    Again, thanks for the awesome response time and all the help.
  9. Better latency on the OCZ and it looks better. :)
  10. Hehe... My thoughts exactly.

    Well, it's settled then. I'll post up some pics and benchmarks on Friday once I get her up... RAWR!!
  11. run Memtest overnight. make sure to get the latest version, 2.11
  12. cool cool will do
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