System restarts automatically

Hi all,

I am getting crazy due to my automatic restart problem, for a long time now.

My system

Intel P4 3.00 Ghz
Asus P5GDC Deluxe
1 GB kingston DDR-2 RAM
2 harddrives total of 500GB
Windows XP pro SP3

I am trying to find out exactly what the reason is for the automatic restarts. First I thought it was the CPU Cooler. I replaced it with a better cooler, but no difference. The average heat is 52 Celsius. The cooler runs on 2100 RPM average speed. With PC proble the voltage +5 and 3.3 are too high(I dont know exactly what it refers to).

I updated my Mcafee virusscanner and scanned the system. I used PC health cleaned all my spyware, uninstalled al my software that I dont need. Cleaned my registry. Found some problems and fixed them, but it didn't fix my restart problem.

There is no event log of any serious problem, only the security hole, that there is no virusscanner installed, while there is mcaffee.

I already configured XP to print a blue screen instead of automatically restart. Afterwards I do get a blue screen with Not_Less_Or_Equal error occasionally. Other times it still restarts anyways.

Is it possible the problem comes from the power supply?
I am currently in Indonesia and the power supple here is not always stable. Could that be a cause? Would a UPS be a solution?

Can someone please help me out here. What am I supposed to do now?


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  1. 1)Check the power supply
    2)Check RAM (run memtest)

    In order to do these things you should go to a friend who has a decent power supply and DDR2 RAM available so that you can swap your parts with your friend's and see what causes the random reboot.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply,

    Im running memtest and I'll keep u posted. In the meantime I read that I should set my vcore to 3.125 which I did. Lets see what happens.


  3. vcore @ 3.125??? sounds a bit high.

    Actually IT IS too high, Ive found the Northwood P4's should have a max of 1.7 and Prescott is 1.525.
    That's from

    Hopefully you mistyped 3.125, else I assume your processor is now dead.....
  4. Hi Cliffro,

    No I did mistype it. Sorry

    In my Bios I changed iit to 1.3125 V

    It just resterted again.

    AI overclocking in bios is Manual
    CPU Freq = 200Mhz
    FBS termination voltage is set to auto. What does that do?


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