Is it worth the upgrade?

I have the BFG 9500 GT

Would I see a big difference in going to the 9600 GT that is would be worth the upgrade?
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  1. 9600GT has 64 steam processors vs 9500GT has 32 so basically a little over double the performance
  2. It would be a useful upgrade.
    Here is where the cards stand:,review-31554-6.html
  3. Go for the 9800GT if you can afford it. It is an even better card than the 9600GT and doesn't cost that much more.
  4. Hey thanks for the answers.

    I am limited on the RAM ,and CPU due to the Mobo. So will I have a chokepoint that will make the 9600gt, or 9600 gt not worth it?

    Also my mobo is not 20.0 PCI E as far as I can tell.

    Here is my Mobo -

    This is my CPU -

    I have a 550 W PSU

    I also have 3 GB of DD2 800, Samsung.
  5. So I went out today and got the PNY 9800 gt.

    My 9500 was working good, and i had the latest Nvidia drivers installed 185.85 for vista 32 bit.

    I thought I could just insert the new card, and all would work, but I get a black screen, and then if I take that card out and put back the 9500 it works again.

    Any installation advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. not enough wattage would be my Guss u need extra power conn
  7. Got it working, thanks everyone. Did a fresh install of the Drivers, and now it works.
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