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I am getting Ready to purchase a new PC, I really do not game I just enjoy pure speed / Performance
My Question is
I have narrowed my purchase to either HP's Top of the Line 490T with the 6-Core 3.33GHZ ,
Which offers either a RAID-0 set-up with 2- 7200 RPM Hard Drives OR
A Single 10,000 RPM Hard Drive , OR a Single SSD-160-GB DRIVE.
Which would be the best performer here?

2-ND PC was considering is the Dell-Alien Aurora PC , Same everything internally as the HP, with exception of being liquid cooled and it offers
a RAID-0 with 2- 300-GB 10,000 RPM Raptor Hard Drives, again the dell includes same video card/ same processor 3.33 GHZ 6-Core.
The difference is the DEll set-up runs an addtional $1000.00 dollars
$3500.00 Verses $2500.00 For the HP which also includes 2- year warranty verses 0ne year from Dell.
I am just curious as to how much performance differance I would note from going with the Dell and the RAID-0 with the 10-K Hard Drives , Verse's the HP which offers the RAID-0 in only 7200-RPM Drives, OR would the Single 10-K Drives be as fast or faster than the RAID-0 7200 option or the Single SSD 160-GB Drive they offer not sure on the performance specs on the SSD Drive they offer for the HP if it is a quality fast one or a more basic entry level SSD.
Anyhow I just want to justify the addtional expense if I went for the DEll with the RAID-0 with the 2- 10-K Drives. , Will I basically only note the differance in the Boot-up time of starting my PC.
I Appreicate your comments.
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    Unless you a5re doing huge database manipulation or loading very large files routinely, I doubt you will see any performance difference with RAID 0. The SSD will get you booted faster and huge files will load faster but, again, other than that, the only thing you will really "notice" is that your Windows Experience Index" will yield a bigger number.

    Whether building a CAD work station or a gaming box, I have been going with an OCZ Vertex 2, 3.5 " 120 GB and either a Spinpoint F3 or Seagate 7200.12 @ 7200 rpm.
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