Q6700, am I overclocking correctly?

Hi all.

I have a Q6700 2.6ghz. I've overclocked it a few times using the silly AI 10% and whatnot, however its only recently i've tried manually.

I've managed to use my system at 3.10ghz for a few months with no noticable stability issues except maybe rarely. But part of me sometimes feels that the stock settings are faster or it doesn't feel like a noticable improvement.

I'd like to know if ive done it correctly and get some tips.

Basically what I figured from various threads was to raise the FSB up slowly and also raise the voltage if it doesn't boot.

However i've not touched the CPU multiplier, I've no idea on how to use this setting and if it will help my overclock, could I have some help on this?

Another thing i'm confused on is the voltages, there are a few that say CPU in their names, should they all go up to the same voltages as I increase or is it only one I have to change?

I looked for a guide but a few links about how to overclock quads were dead so I thought i'd ask personally.

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  1. Bump? Could noone even point me to the guide that seems to be dead?

    This is the one I keep finding, yet doesn't seem to exist.
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