Watercooling= Warranty void?

Hi!, im thinking of buying a 580GTX, hvnt decided the brand yet, but it will come with a standard aircooling on it, wich i would change to watercooling, prolly from EK, would this void the warranty, is there any nasty sticker in there that you cant see from the outside etc? What brand is best for the buck etc.
Any info helps! no answer is to stupid!
Thx in advance! :bounce:
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  1. detail warranty you can ask support vendor .
    if sealed protector ( stiker ,Hologram ,etc) not broken i think still safe.. but this do it little difficult .. i think
  2. arite thx
  3. monsters252 said:
    arite thx

    I'd get EVGA which has crazy warranty policies.I bet you could ln2 the card and then RMA it :p
    Installing a waterblock shouldn't void the warranty with them.
  4. aye, could ask their support, feels abit overkill to get the evga card with preinstalled Wblock and superfkingmassivehilariousoverkillish clocking
  5. OR,.....go to evga and buy a factory watercooled 580 from them.

    http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=015-P3-1589-AR&family=GeForce 500 Series Family&sw=

    It will have a waranty, not cheap, but you are paying for the card AND waterblock already installed that will keep a waranty.
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