Phenom II 940 northbridge

guys i have a phenom II 940 and have a gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ud4h board .

i have oced the proccy to 3.33 ghz but i just cant seem to oc the nb.

i have set the multiplier to 10 but cpu-z reorts to have it running it 1800!!!

what should i do?
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  1. It is probably just in a power saving state.
    Put enough of a load on the CPU and it should return to the set 3.33Ghz.
  2. You may also need to adjust your CPU-NB Link Speed to match the Processor-NB Multiplier (ie.... Multiplier set to 10X~ Link Speed set to 2.0 GHz or Multiplier 11X~ Link Speed 2.2 GHz)
  3. I'd venture a guess that you are doing something wrong - :)

    Is your BIOS up to date? Are you using AOD, the BIOS or the 'Auto-Clock'?

    What is your reported CPU and NB voltages? We need information on your RAMs.

    At stock volts 3.4GHz and 2200MHz IMC/NB should be a 'slam dunk' at 200x17x11 unless something wacky is going on. Disable spread spectrum and ungang the memory controllers. Disable C&Q.

    How did you get to 3.33GHz? Is this a combination of CPU multiplier and AMD base clock? Did you just raise the base clock like 222x15? If so it's possible you increased you ram speed by 11%, too, which may be casusing you problems.

    Throw out some more information ...
  4. no i am using the bios and my memory is unganged.

    i am running 3.33 @ 1.248volts

    and when i set the nb to 2.0 ghz with htt multiplier set to auto system hangs and i have to clear cmos

    when i set it to 1.8 ghz it works fine

    ill try and set it to 2.0ghz and set multiplier to 10x

    will that work???

    i dont like using 3rd party tools i am very comfortable with the bios.

    my 3.33 oc is


    i cant increase the fsb more than 215 since my ram is kingston value ram and it sucks for oc'ing
  5. I have the same processor and MB.

    The default/stock voltage on the PhII 940 is 1.35V. You probably won't be able to get a good NB clock while undervolting.

    I must raise the NB-VID voltage to something like 2.25V to get the NB to 2.4Ghz stable and 2.6Ghz benchmarkable. (I can't tell you the exact voltage right now... I'm on the road. When overclocking the NB/HT I ALWAYS set both the NB and HT manually; the HT must always be lower than the NB, and I generally leave the HT at 1.8GHz. Trying to raise both can cause instability and it has been shown that a faster HT doesn't really give you any performance gain, you get the gain with the NB increase.

    PLUS: When increasing the NB I had found on an older BIOS that the PCIe clock speed goes up also... so I generally set it manually to 201Mhz so that I don't get weird results. I haven't checked lately to see if it still goes up. When set to AUTO and overclocking the NB to 2.4GHz/2.6Ghz it was going up to like 230Mhz-250Mhz which was a bad thing. Keep an eye on it.
  6. could you plz give me the exact settings which you made to your bios? i am getting a bit confused .

    but when i set the nb multiplier to 10 aod detects it and i have to manually set it to 10x from aod and then it reaches 2000mhz
  7. thanks a lot guys especially keithlm for your help!!!

    got it to work set the ht to 2.0ghz and the multi to 10x now its working at 2020mhz!!!

    thanks again!

    i have 1 more question

    i was playing a game and minimised the game and went to catalyst control center from then on all my icons are blurry.

    i have cleartype enebled but its of no use. what should i do?
  8. Finally home. (I hate travelling a lot.)

    In my bios for that motherboard I set the following clocks:

    CPU Northbridge Freq x12 (for 2400Mghz NB.)
    PCIE Clock 101. (To lock it so it doesn't go up to 130Mhz.)

    Then I set the following two voltages:
    DDR2 Voltage +0.25V. (To go from 1.8V to 2.05V on the memory.)
    CPU NB VID Control +0.250V.

    NOTE: I set all my memory timings manually because I have found that it is more stable than the bios and/or memory defaults. The default is to use 127.5ns on the TRC(?) and that isn't as stable as the 195ns.
    Mine are: 5-5-5-15-2T-4-195-195-195-195-6-3-31-4

    My machine is stable at stock. In addition I can go to 2.6Ghz (x13) on the NB and it will work for a few hours before having problems. (But I don't like problems so I back it down to x12 or 2.4Ghz on the NB.)

    If I want to overclock the CPU I have to increase the CPU voltage and multiplier. I can easily get 3.4Ghz on stock voltage but have to go to 1.4V to get up to 3.8Ghz. Anything more requires more voltage. (Generally I leave the CPU at stock clocks because I like the Cool and Quiet to work correctly and I like my machine to be almost silent. Eventually I plan on water cooling of my CPU/NB and all GPU.)
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