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Maybe someone can guide me in the right direction.. I am in IT business, but lost track of whats out there for AMD Quad core based full or mid ATX motherboards. I am upgrading my PC with a new mother/cpu/memory, perhaps video.. What bridges are good for this setup? I am looking for stable, quick motherboard that WONT be overclocked, right out of the box plug and play.

Any direction I need to take for what I am looking for?
Thanks for any response
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  2. Thank you Saint, this is a great start, plus my favorite vendor ;)
    Yes Phenom II x4 is the only way

  3. Ok, I assume that you go for the 955 or 965, right? both are really good... For now, my 955 @ 3.8GHz is enough....

  4. 955 Saint, whats your recommendation on memory, is ddr3 worth it?
  5. Uhmm is difficult, the DDR3 memory is more new and have more speed, but the CL is more bigger too, so, the performance with the DDR3 and DDR2 isn't too big, If you want the power of DDR3, buy an i7 or i5 that support three-channel.

    I have 6GB DDR2 800MHz Crucial Ballistix Tracert, and the performance is really great.
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