Infinite Boot loop ( sometimes not )

I've asked this before but did not get a actual answer.

Problem: Booting up the pc will result in some kind of loop, no bios screen shown, just a black screen, sometimes it breaks through and starts up XP with no problem.

What I've tried:
-Replacing the memory, booting up with 1 stick, memtest86+ fully passed
-Using diffrent Harddisks, tested them with software from Seagate ( Seatools ), using no HD at all.
-Replacing / using no Graphics Card. Used my onboard ( Ati 3200 ), went from the HD2900XT to the HD4770.
-Grounding my pc, did not make a diffrence.
-Disconnect any optical drive; no result.
-Replaced the PSU, no diffrence.
Combinations of these did not make any diffrence too.

So my guess is that the CPU is broken, but how am I going to prove this? I've had some problems installing Windows XP, while unpacking the SP3 rip the bios speaker made an endless beep for like 1 min and then it stopped and everything worked fine again. People suggest this was a cpu overheat, but when I'm gaming there's no such problem. Prime95 however made it go to 72 'C, which is quite hot I think. I'm using a stockcooler and I never Overclocked my cpu.

Problem is that I need to prove that my cpu is broken to the shop, like they said before " A cpu hardly breaks, it's more likely the motherboard or the bios version causing it ". I haven't tried bios flashing yet, horrible experience with it.

My PC:
Gigabyte MA78GM-s2h
HDD's : Samsung Spinpoint ( Main + Windows XP installation ), Seagate 500GB something
GFX Card(s): Ati HD4770, Ati HD2900XT, Ati onboard HD3200
PSU: SweeX 650 watt
Optical Drive(s): DVD Player from LiteOn
Cooling: Totaly fine, 2 Case Fans
USB devices: Mouse and Keyboard, external HD of 40 GB ( Old pata drive, not used while booting )
Expansion Cards: D-Link Wireless 520+
Others: Speakers, CRT screen using DVI->VGA, Unconnected Floppy Drive

Hope you can help me out, Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maybe you have a problem with your power button. Does it switch itself off randomly too?
  2. Tried Flashing, result: Bios Flash Failed.
    So now I can't turn off my computer or it will be inusable since my floppy drive is not connected atm, I assume...
  3. jennyh said:
    Maybe you have a problem with your power button. Does it switch itself off randomly too?

    No it doesn't, however the reset button is broken.
    Thanks for the idea, I'll recheck and disconnect the reset button wires.
  4. You want to get that bios flashed also before switching off yes. Nothing is more annoying that trying to flash a bios without a floppy drive so I'd connect that and also copy the .bin file to a floppy if I were you.

    Save yourself a lot of hassle and try to get that bios working before switching off though.
  5. Yea got it working again and thank you so much, it was the reset connector which caused the infinite boot loop! Thanks!

  6. Hehe np. I dropped a heavy glass on my power switch recently and the pc started switching itself on and off. Your issue sounded kinda familiar. :)
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