Problem Upgrading to SSD in a Dell Inspiron N1710

Just got a new Inspiron N1710 and I wanted to upgrade to a 90 GIG OCZ Vertex 2; but when I try to install from the factory reinstallation DVD I get "Your hard drive size is not supported for this process. Please use a hard drive at least 465 GB in size.". Please tell me there is a work around for this!
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  1. Lol...... hmmmm let me see....... maybe buying a 465GB SSD :)
    Wow..... I think I'd buy a new car in that much.....
    Well, no options there unless you use the original drive on the rig, put the SSD in into another port and make a shrunken copy of the drive onto the SSD, there are quite a few programs do that.....
    Then you need to recreate a new set of recovery discs using any program for the way the SSD is partitioned so that later on when you need to restore it, it recognizes the SSD size and lets you restore it .
    Of course there are softwares that let you make incremental copies or decremental ones too, so basically you're not restricted to using a constant sized disc when ever you upgrade.
  2. Thanks for that alyoshka, I'll remember your post when I don't need useful information.

    malmental; I don't believe it's a 17r, just reads N1710.

    Luckily I had a Windows 7 Home Premium Home disc that I installed, used the product key off on my Laptop and installed the drivers individually. Reduced my boot time from 90 seconds to 30, I despise Michael Dell if anyone cares....
  3. i3; scores 7.7 WEI for Primary hard disc, even hitting advertised tranfer rates using ATTO.
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