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im looking at buying a new computer basically i want a computer thats really fast in general not for gaming will be using it for internet burning dvd's and mixing music (dj programs) remember want something fast and something very reliable looking at spending up to the $1300-1400 mark i already have been looking at what to build but want other input, this is a list of stuuf i have considered using:

intel core 2 quad q9650 $517
asus p5q3 intel main $232
wd digital caviar green 1TB $153
lg dvd writer $45
kingston ddr3 6gb (3x2gb)pc10600/1333 $147
coolmaster elite 334 case $85
total $1179

other suggestions on a better build please let me know dont know much about computers, motherboard must be asus as ive had too many problems with gigabyte in the past and dont like em anymore


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  1. This doesn't look like american dollars. Where are you shopping from? The build looks ok in general, but some improvements can be made. Finding out where you are will help.

    Also, posting this over on the homebuilt systems forum is more appropriate.
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