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I have seen this issue hundreds of times on windows XP comps. it generaly occurs after a virus removal or registry clean such as registry mechanic. I have only ever fixed this issue by running a windows repair from a windows disk, the full reinstall repair not the repair console.

the symptom is you start the computer, you get the user account logging on (it can be direct logon or the logon multi user screen). then you see the desktop background and with no HDD activity, after a min or so explorer finally starts to load and you get your icons and start bar. during this min you can do ctrl-shift-esc to open task mng and generally this will cause explorer to launch even with out going to new task. its like you jolt the comp back into its startup process.

does anyone know the cause of this or what to edit to fix it? btw, chkdsk is done, minimal startup services have been set, no extra programs in registry run, no viri, defrag done, all updates installed, full hardware diag passed.
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  1. [solved] i ran a process explorer during startup. a service inside svchost was hanging for 60 seconds on startup. the service was WIA Windows Imaging Assistant. This service is meant to aid scanners or other imaging devices to send data to the computer. Many computers i have seen this on have never had a scanner on them so i do not know why this occurs, i only know that disabling this service solves the boot issues.
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