Have ssd and wd hard drive. Have questions for dual hds

Hello. I have a ocz vertex 2 60gb ssd which I installed windows 7-64 bit on. I only want windows 7 installed on my ssd to make windows and booting really fast.

I also have a 150gb wd velociraptor hd that I would like to save games, movies, music, etc. on. I had it disconnected when I installed windows 7 on my ssd. Now that I connected my wd velociraptor, when I boot up, it goes to the install windows 7 screen.

How do I get past this? How do I format my wd velociraptor so that it doesn't have windows 7 on it? I only want games, movies, other junk on my velociraptor. Thanks
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  1. Did you make the SSD the primary boot drive in your bios? Other than that, just format the velociraptor to clear off the old data.
  2. Hwkeye22- That is right on the money. Do exactly that should run fine after that.
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