Upgrading a PSU for DELL GX755

hi everybody, i am trying to upgrade my Dell GX755 PSU but i have no idea which powersupply to buy for it or what kind of power supply it is. it is only a 300W, i need something in the range of 700-800w because i want to put a pretty powerful graphic card in it and upgrade the ram, etc. Any info will be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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  1. There's no single card that would require you to have 7-800 watts of power in your machine.
    A good quality 550 watt psu would do and you can use pretty much any standard unit.Here's a few options

    I take it back, a 450 would do for your machine, single slot card only.
  2. The 755 uses a fairly standard power supply in terms of the screw holes to mount it to the back of the case. Although Dell does use some other weird things to help hold the original power supply in place. I am not sure if you just buy one that it will fit properly into that case for the 755, might have to look at that closer to make sure.
  3. That case uses a standard PSU size factor, I've setup several hundred for the Army...Buy what you can afford and check out the Tom's suggested PSU manufacturers...
  4. i apologize, i realize the dell i have is not a gx755, but an optiplex 755. i don't know if that changes anything but here's the specs on my dell optiplex 755

    windows xp 32-bit
    3 gigs of ram
    intel core 2 quad q6600 @ 2.4 ghz
    240 gig hard drive
    300 watt psu
    no graphic card
    motherboard - (i don't know...)
    i apologize for not putting that info earlier regarding my computer.

    will it use a standard psu? can somebody recommend a good PSU/WATTAGE for this computer? also - is there a suggestion on a powerful single slot graphics card? i'm trying to prepare myself for the upcoming modern warfare 2 and starcraft 2. one last question...will it be overkill to put in 6 or 8 gigs of ram? any info or help to my questions will be greatly appreciated. sorry for all the questions!
  5. I think going with some of the suggestions DellUser1 made would work great for your system. In terms of a graphics card it sometimes depends on how much you want to spend. Probably a good sweet spot for price/performance would be a Nvidia GX260 896MB card or a ATI 4870 1GB card. Both of those can be found around $160-200 for the most part I think. I have one of the 4870 cards in my q6600 machine and it runs great. In terms of more RAM I think it would be overkill on your system unless you moved to a 64bit version of Windows. If you stay with a 32bit system and put more RAM in you will never see more than 3.25GB of RAM. Hope that helps.
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