SLI 260 core 216 vs GTX 285

was just wondering, which one would be more effective, SLI 260 core 216 or a single GTX 285

things to ponder about...

Will the heat from the SLI 260 be much greater than the single GTX 285?

Is there much performance change when playing games that dont support SLI?
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  1. i was looking at some benchmarks and found this...,0101-155881-0----jpg-.html

    it seems like a single GTX 280 can out perform SLI 260, is this correct? should i stick with a single GTX 285 which would even out perform the GTX 280?
  2. one oc gtx 260 can match gtx 280 and two of them is faster by a lot. at what res do you play. i think gtx 285 will be enough. always is better one than two cards in sli
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