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Hey all,
Not long ago one of our computers got fried in a power surge so we decided instead of repairing it, just to get the HDD and disc drive etc and put it in our newer computer. So our newer computer now has a 640GB WD HDD and a 160GB Seagate HDD. Im just wondering whether it would be worth wiping the 160GB HDD and moving Windows 7 from the 640GB to the 160GB so i have a seperate HDD just for the operating system. Would this give me much of a performance increase? And if so would I be able to move the operating system over without having to reinstall anything etc? thanks

Here are the HDD's I am using:
- WDC WD6400AAKS-00A7B2 (640GB)
- ST3160812AS (160GB)

And heres my system specs:
- Gigabyte ATI Radeon 5750 Video Card
- Gigabyte MA74GM-S2 Motherboard
- AMD Athlon II x2 250 CPU
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  1. You can use an application like Clonezilla to copy the partitions on the 160GB HDD to a larger, faster HDD, like the 640GB mentioned and not lose anything with the original config. In your case, moving the OS to the 160GB may actually be slower as it is the slower of the 2 HDDs. Also, splitting your OS (unless using an SSD) onto one HDD and apps/data on another may be of very little benefit.
  2. If the new motherboard is different than the old one, it will be best to do a clean install anyhow.
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