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Have a HAF 922 case.Have 200mm side and top fan,120mm front,rear,bottom.
Just bought a Thermaltake Frio and was was wondering if the 200mm side and top fans interfer with it's cooling performance?
The heatsink will be touching the side 200mm.
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    As long as there is air moving through the heat sink's fins, the CPU will be cooled. The Frio uses fairly high-speed fans, so you're good there. The side fan should be sucking cool air into the case right on top of the cooler, so that's even better.
  2. Quote:
    The heatsink will be touching the side 200mm

    That isn't a good thing. What does it touch, and where? How much pressure does it seem to place on the fan/HSF?

    Does there appear to be any way to fix this?
  3. It's a tight fit.The Frio is touching one of the safe guards on the fan.Theirs no pressure their just really really close,about a mm or 2.I was just worried that since their so close it might mess up the cooling performance of the Frio.
  4. So it's not actually touching the fan, just one of the guards? Should be fine as long as the fan still works and there isn't increased pressure on the heatsink -> MB.

    I'd say you shouldn't worry about performance, if anything it should feed cool air to the heatsink and allow it to perform as designed.
  5. Ok,thankyou
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