Stupid question about intake/exit case fan

I'm building my PC and am going to have 3 intake fans, 2 120mm in front 1 140mm on side. and 3 120mm exit fans, 2 on top 1 in back. My question is because I haven't fired it up yet cause I'm waiting on the processor and GPU, which way do the fans face for intake/exit?

Is this fan going to blowing air "towards" you if looking at it or sucking the air away from you?

Sorry if it doesn't make sense if I need to elaborate let me know! I feel dumb for asking this but I wanna make sure I got em right before I fire it up. Haven't built a PC in about 8 years >.< thanks!!
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    That will suck air away from you.

    A general rule is the air will blow out the direction the concave side of the fins point.
  2. Yes ^^ C _ for -
    Also --
    Here it is- Lower fans [bottom] they should be installed as to inhale air as air in the bottom is cold , as for upper, they should exhale, as upper part contains hot air. Hope it helps
  3. Cold/in/front/bottom

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  5. ... Almost every fan has two arrows on the side frame showing the direction of blade rotation and the direction of air flow...

    They're subtle, but they should be there I would think.
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