Chkdsk cannot repair my HD error

There are no way chkdsk in XP can repair my HDD error. i was prompted unable to repair with no further details. what are the alternatives to analyse and repair? does it mean i need to replace my HDD?
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  1. There are products like Gibson Research Corporation's SpinRite 6.0 and Abstradrome's HDD Regenerator but they cost money.
  2. dEAne said:

    I disagree, he should run a health scan on the disk first , then try and repair the drive if that comes out good. What's the point of trying to repair a physically damaged disk.

    Personally I use Drive Fitness Test from IBM/Hitachi. At the shop we have had good results and very accurate testing.

    Burnable ISO can be found here --

    This programs boots into a non windows environment and it is very straight forward.

    Run a full scan on your drive.

    If it comes back green you're good.

    If it comes back red you're not good.

    Western Digital Scan also works well. With these two programs it does not matter what brand drive you have. They will work for everything.
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    Did you run the /f/r parameters?
    If not, try that.
    It you did already, time to replace the HDD.
  4. ok. i will try the /f/r parameters and post the results. thanks.
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