Yet another 4890 question (only this involves the 4850 CF woes, yay!)

My current rig:
Phenom II x4 920 oc'ed to 3.3 ( I LOVE THIS CPU!)
2 4850's in xfire ( really pissing me off)
wd caviar black 640 gig hdd
ms sidewinder keyboard
logitech g9
acer 22" 1680 x 1050 monitor
vista x64 (yes, I actually bought it, and *gasp* I love it as well)
ocz 700w psu

So I love my system, BUT my 4850s have been giving me trouble. they get really loud and really hot (sapphires with the after market cooler, not much clearance for the fan). I can live with that though (even if I can literally boil water on them [for those of you who are mathematically disabled, they run at 100 C at load] and I'm not really worried as I read that these are designed to run at those temps) but what really makes me tick is all the little issues that I have in games. Fallout 3 randomly slows down to around 40-30 fps, Battlefield 2 (play it every so often) stutters (not a framerate thing, fraps reports constant 60fps and i do have vsync on) and don't even get me started about crysis and crysis warhead. CoD WAW and MW also stutter occasionally and I sometimes get framerate drops in COD WaW. As far as I know, the 4890 when oc'ed performs similarly to the 4850s and usually outperforms the gtx 285 (even in crysis) I'd prefer to stay with ati/amd to to price ($220 vs $340) and ability to crossfire in the future (apparently 4890s work better in xfire, can anyone confirm this?) what do you guys recommend I do.
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  1. If you are getting "stuttering" at 60 FPS, you might be seeing "micro-stuttering", or whatever it is called. It is something that only occurs in crossfire/SLI. So, if you upgrade, you may want to stick with only one card.

    As for your 4850s, 100C is a bit hot even for those cards. You may want to look at improving case airflow as they should not be that hot assuming their coolers are working properly. The slowdown in Fallout 3 is probably when the computer has to retrieve data from the hard drive or the GPU has to use system ram instead of its dedicated (in which case the larger memory on the 4890 would help).
  2. sorry, forgot to mention that I cooled it all down to about 80 by adding a fan right next to the card. also, I didn't note that I have 4 GB of ocz ddr2 1066 ram. the card running out of video ram was my best guess also for fallout. thanks for answering btw.

    also, does anyone know of a good place to sell video cards?
  3. Yeah, it sounds like video memory could be the problem. When I play Oblivion (with texture mods) for some reason the card doesn't always like emptying its ram as I move on. And sure enough, as the vram used starts creeping up over 512MB, the stutters start increasing until it crashes. You could also just be running into general crossfire/SLI issues, which is why I generally stick with one card (as for the microstuttering, there is another thread up right now with someone having issues with it on a new 295, so it affects all dual cards).
  4. Wow, 100c and you're not worried............ that's 212d F. Water boils at 214F. That and the memory problem. I would never buy a video card with 512 ram on it any more. Games are just too demanding. Those 2 cards.... 512+512 doesn't = 1024. Try and tone down your settings and see what you get.
  5. yeah, i know that you can only utilize the amount of memory on one card. I bought my first one a month after it came out and my second about 3 months ago. I only waited because I was hoping that a driver update would fix it. oh, and microstuttering is teh suxorz (although it only appears in some games)
  6. whats ur case? and u might want to switch to a better case my dear friend. HAF932 is a good choice.
  7. antec 300 and i really dont feel like spend $150 on a new case
  8. Try this. Once in a while free shipping pops up......Stay away from the 590
  9. Well, I have 2 x 4850 with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and never had a problem. Do you have 1 bridge or 2 bridges installed for CF?
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