Always i lost my cd-rom icon in my sony vgn-sz740 laptop

Hello,i lost my cd-rom icon in my sony vgn-sz740 laptop why?
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  1. Is it just the icon or it doesn't detect the cd drive?

    If it's just the icon, you probably mean when you don't have a cd in it, because the cd drive icon takes the icon from the media that's on it.
    I'm guessing you get a default Windows icon and not the drive icon for the cd. If so, you can change it via the registry, or a program like Desktop architect or Tune up utilities.
    The drive icons are usually store in shell32.dll
    You can install Desktop architect and under the icons tab , change the cd rom icon by browsing to shell32.dll in Windows directory.

    (Or, the hard way by regedit: (do not change anything else!)

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ DriveIcons\ Your_cd_rom_drive_letter\ DefaultIcon
    (Make key if not present)
    Change the key's default value , so it contains the full path and name of the icon file (if it has *.ico extension), or if it's a library file such as shell32.dll then follow it with a comma and the zero-based index of the icon (something like c:\windows\System32\shell32.dll,409).
    Restart. )

    I WOULD RECOMMEND DESKTOP ARCHITECT program. It's much easier! just a few clicks...and U can change the icon of any drive you like... :hello:
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