Quad Core or Dual Core?

Hey guys, I am going to buy a new Barebones PC from magicmicro.com and I really want to be able to play the top of the line games at top speed and graphics for the next year or two (namely for Diablo 3). The Quad Core comes with 2.66GHz default, and its 300 dollars that I dont really have to upgrade it to 2.93GHz. Do you guys think that the 2.66 will last me?

Also, I figure I should get the Quad Core for future gaming...that wouldn't be the wrong assumption would it?

Thanks guys!
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  1. quad is recommended, but what quad?
    what socket?
    complete system specs?
  2. Without knowing your complete specs I would safely say that with that quad core you should be happily playing flash games on that computer for some time.
  3. Oh sorry about that, im obviously a noob. the exact specs are AMD Phenom II 920+ (Quad Core) 45nm, AM2 + 6MB Cache. Im not quite sure what the socket is? I hope that its included in what I wrote
  4. the P2 920 starts at 2.8GHz default, and I didn't even know you could buy them anymore.

    it's socket AM2+ so I'd suggest looking at the 955BE instead as that is AM3 and adds 400MHz.
  5. since when do you need a quad to play flash games.... *bangs head against keyboard* god i hate this forum sometimes.
  6. that setup is not really future proofed, get something with a ddr3 controler, 925, 810

    nvidia and adobe, i heard something about gpu accelerated flash the otherday, where is it?????
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