Does asus p5kpl am support onboard RAID?

hey everyone, i have asus p5kpl am motherboard. i searched through net but the info i got is confusing some shop says it has raid on their spec and some says not also said nothing about it does any of asus g31 motherboard has raid on board?
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  1. If it had RAID, they would advertise it, so if you don't see it, it's not there :)
    The G31 is basically an entry level on-board graphics chipset, and while the RAID is controlled by the southbridge, the chances of Asus pairing a low end north with a high end southbridge are quite low.

    The Intel chip you want on the southbridge will have an R after it, e.g. ICH9R or ICH10R. The 'R' being for 'RAID'. Your board seems to have an ICH7 (older generation non-RAID).

    The only Gxx series Asus board I found on their website with raid is the P5Q-EM, it uses a G45 northbridge and ICH10R southbridge.

    You can view and compare the full range of Asus on

    Best of luck :)
  2. no it does not
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