Increasing Graphics memory

I have a ACER aspire 4736z vista laptop
Mobile intel GMA 4500m
4gb RAM
minimum of 64mb graphics memory
maximum of 1.3gb Graphics memory

what does the minimum and maximum graphics memory mean? can I increase it to the maximum? will it be able to support high graphics gaming?

Is laptop Graphics card changeable? from GMA to nvidia?
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  1. It means that the graphics card is using your system memory to help performance, rather than having a dedicated amount. Since it's an Intel GMA part, it is not likely to work well in gaming. Because it's a laptop, you're not likely to be able to change it out either. It'll be able to play some games at low to moderate settings, but don't expect anything spectacular.
  2. +1 cjl

    Its onboard graphics that use you RAM to work.
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