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1st time SSD buyer

I've tried doing some research on the topic but im really hard pressed for time right now so I was hoping the community could help me out. In about 2 weeks I'll be buying and building my first desktop and I want to include a SSD as the boot drive. (you can see more or less what my specs will be here)

I was originally thinking about the Intel X-25M (either 80GB or 120GB for $150 or $195 respectively) but since I will be getting SATA 6Gb/s mobo, should I get the Crucial C300 if it is still within budget? Or are SATA 6Gb SSDs still buggy that I should stick to a SATA 3Gb drive?

If I should stick to SATA 3Gb/s drives (or if the C300 is out of my budget), suggestions? I would want at least a 80GB and a $260 limit is already pushing it a bit.

Or, should I use one of my mechanical drives for now and wait for the next wave of SSDs? I hear X25-M G3 is coming out soon (worth it?)? More SATA 6Gb drives?
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    Yeah, I'd wait for the X25-M G3 to come out.
    You can use a cheap but really big drive for the time being, and later install the new SSD.
    That would be the best way to go, the SATAIII or 6Gbps thing still seems to have a lot of conflicted views and reviews.... on HDDs and SSDs, I'd stay clear of them for now not until the right Hardware is made to work perfectly without 99% people complaining of slow read/ride/throughput speeds.... actually slower than SATAII..... after paying extra for that SATAIII thing.....
    Yeah, I'd wait a bit longer and if Intel takes too long then I'd go for the X25-M G2
    and if your budget is 260$ then I'd go for the
    or this one with a little more space....

    But that's me......
  2. Hello,

    I'm also new to SSD and I have a question.

    I have Windows Vista on my C drive at the moment but I want to move Vista onto a new 64GB SSD.

    What actually happens when you clone Vista to SSD? Does the SSD become the new C drive or is it allocated a new drive letter?

    What happens to Vista on the existing HDD? Is this automatically deleted or does it stay on there? If it stays on there can it be deleted or removed?

    Once I move Vista to the SSD I am assuming a change in the BIOS is required so that it boots from the new drive.

    Many thanks in advance.

  3. viclaw.. copy and paste your question into a new thread with a title such as.


    And I'll pass on my thoughts.
  4. kire, if you are building your first desktop it might be hard for you to wait. Also, no firm dates are set for intel g3 or sandforce 2000 or, for that matter, anything with 25nm Nand. However, I think you would be wise to wait.
  5. alyoshka: That confirmed my suspicions. As for your suggestions, I would prefer a SATA drive (not PCIe) and the OCZ drive you posted was $300 which is above my current budget for SSDs :(

    adampower: Hello again, I appreciate you answering both my posts :)

    I can actually wait longer on the SSD. I currently have a 750GB 7200rpm seagate drive that I could use as a place holder until I get a SSD.

    Plus, this way I can either save money now and be able to allot more towards the SSD when the next gen drives come out or pimp something else out... maybe get the Corsair AX750 and GTX 570 like you said! :P
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